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Just last month, I got busy with a lifestyle change challenge where I purposely joined so as I could get enough motivation in changing my eating habits. I got so busy that I found myself so caught up in the challenge which resulted for me to neglect and take care of some other important parts of my body like my hair. I'm just glad na hindi pa din ako pinapabayaan ng pagkakataon because I got to receive an invite from V&M Naturals for a hair spa day experience at the Benibana Beauty Hub three weeks ago. This invite came in shortly a few days after my challenge has ended and it just came right on time since I also have an event at the nearby area on the same date of the spa day, so sakto talaga.

You might say its so maarte, but guys, having some R & R is one of the most important parts of keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There's no harm for that small escape right in the middle of the busy city metro. Iba pa din talaga if you get a treatment done at the salon —you will feel a sense of relaxation and calmness. 

And as I described it, this is literally what I experienced.

Upon arrival, I was ushered to Flossom Kitchen + Café. All the invitees got to taste different dishes from the cafe. It's a simple treat which perked us up while waiting for our turn for our hair treatment. 

Full course hair treatment was done with a well-trained staff of the Benibana Beauty Hub.
There are a lot of hair products in the market that promise to give us healthy-looking hair. People get blinded by this quite easily and buy them with a hope that it will work and give wonders. Unfortunately, many don’t consider the chemical ingredients in the formula that may do more damage than good. 

I got to experience all the nourishment the V&M Naturals Specialty Hair Care line has to offer 
V&M Naturals is dedicated to working hair miracles without using any harsh chemical components, as the brand uses only the best natural ingredients sourced locally and internationally. Their potent formulas are not just gentle on the hair, they also provide better results the longer they are used.

Our hair gets exposed to so many things that can cause its further damage. A product like the Lichen + Coffee Shampoo and Conditioner duo can solve this problem by properly cleansing the hair without stripping all the good oils. Thanks to the powerful combination of actives from Lichen and hydrolyzed Silk that protect the strands from free radicals and irritation.

Lichen + Coffee Shampoo ( P 750.00) and Lichen + Coffee Conditioner (P 850.00).
Other ingredients like Yogurt protein, Emu Oil, and Coffee Seed extracts not only prevent dandruff, they are also detoxifiers that stimulates collagen production and acts as an invisible shield against UVB rays. The strands get stronger, healthier, hydrated, and more manageable with prolonged use. 

Viola! Locks ( P 580.00)
Viola! Locks is a 5-7 minute deep repair mask that heals and reconstructs damaged hair.

It targets the damage caused by chemical treatments and heat styling while reconstructing the hair. Ingredients like Coconut Oil, Keratin, Argan Oil, Emu Oil, and Alpine Lichen extract help revitalize the hair and bring it back to its healthy state.

Hair I Am ( P 580.00)
Hair I Am is a growth accelerator that nourishes the hair while reactivating hair growth. 

It is a light formula that goes on the hair after a wash and is formulated with nourishing ingredients like Green Tea, Rosemary, Perilla Leaf, and Chameleon Plant to improve weak follicles. It is incorporated with Coffee and European Larch Wood, which helps with hair growth and a soothing sensitive scalp. There is also Lemon and Sugar Cane that refreshes the scalp and adds volume to each strand. 

The longer the booster is used, the better and healthier the hair gets, as there will be increased lustre, smoothness, thickness, and softness. Brittle, dull, and damaged hair will be a thing of the past with this travel-friendly product!

Tadaa! I experienced first hand how V&M Naturals' full line of hair products works and I really saw the results right after.
What I like best is that the hair care products worked well together which nourished, strengthen, and revitalized my hair. Its gentle formulas are sulfate-free which can heal the scalp, and give bouncier and manageable hair. What makes this line better is that it has everything needed in a hair care routine needs. 

Go check and try it out too. V&M Naturals uses natural ingredients in their hair products to make sure they nourish and strengthen the hair without the use of chemicals!

V&M is available in kiosks in select malls. For more information visit the V&M Naturals website  —

Benibana Beauty Hub is located at #187 N. Averilla St. Barangay Sta. Lucia, San Juan City. For more information, visit their FB Page: @BenibanaBeautyhub

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