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If you are a truly blooded Southie, you'll understand when I say we Southies gets culture shocked in crowded malls. I don't know why, but perhaps it must be the ambience that we have here in the South of Metro Manila. I actually remember one of my friends said this when she visited me: "wow, your place looks great, everything here is still fresh air!" ... haha!

This goes actually really true here in the South because we still have that masarap na hangin that almost everybody wants and a number of laid-back places where you can just chill and sit back.

Just last Monday, after we finished the enrollment at Tammy's school, we went straight to The Farm Organics in Commercenter located within Filinvest Alabang to de-stress and have our lunch ( yup~ de-stress coz' Tammy's tuition is sooo mahal! haha).

It's our first time to dine at The Farm Organics and I think this will not be our last. 
For a time, we forgot na nagbayad kami ng malaking tuition fee earlier that day! haha!

As we indulged in their delicious and gourmét style dishes, I never thought that eating healthy can this be enticing!
After our healthy lunch, I asked Tammy and the husband if we could go around and check out the mall since it was super raining pa naman outside. 

Well, this is not our first visit at the Commercenter pero it feels like it's our first-time 'coz we barely had a chance to go around previously since we are always on a run.

Yup, we just dine and off we go that's why I was surprised when I've learned that Commercenter has a cinema pala.

Commercenter 's well-appointed Cinemas

I must say, this is one of the best cinemas I've ever been to!

And since Father's day is just a few shy away from now, we passed by and checked out Epic Cycles.

Epic Cycles has several high performing bicycles.

The daddy is busy :) 
Actually, kinakabahan ako when we were there, akala ko mapapagastos na naman kami, haha... especially that the husband's bike just got stolen lang recently!

Kidding aside, if you're thinking of something to buy for the man in your life, go check them out, I'm sure you'll find something special to give as a gift :)

The staff of Epic Cycles were so accommodating, enthusiastic, helpful and professional.

They handled and answered all the inquiries of my husband well. 

Oh, and we are really grateful for the Father's day cake! — Just in case Epic Cycles Team will be able to read this, the husby told me to send his appreciation to the whole team— he really felt special daw.

From Epic Cycles, we also checked Ducati Alabang, and my gosh, they have awesome cool bikes which are the bomb! 

The last time I've seen that grin on my husband's face was when he bought his truck kaya shucks, medj kinakabahan din ako when we were there at Ducati. :) 

Check Ducati's promo — Low down payment, wow!

So now you know why medjo kinakabahan ako... haha! 

Kidding aside, grateful for all the assistance that has been extended to us at the time when we were at the store.

Bagay ba? :)
After, making ikot-ikot around the stores, I convinced Tammy and the husband to come with me and join me for a quick workout at Focus Athletics. 

If you are my FB friend or have been following me on my social media, you must have seen my road to having a healthier and a fit lifestyle — And yup, kasama si Tammy and the husband on my journey.  I call it "damay-damay na toh program" hahaha!

We did some Focus Training System class that day! It's our first time to do it and it was a great experience. The coach—coach Pio was so helpful especially since we are all first-timers in the program.

As they say, the family that exercises together, stays healthier and stronger :)

You guys can try out Focus Athletics too and see how it can help you with your fitness goals. They have some awesome offerings if you want to try it out. They are also offering a special discount for all the Dads this coming Father's Day 2018. 

Look there's even spa! 

You know what, I never thought we'd spend more than half of our day in this mall. Imagine, there's always something for everyone, for the whole family to be specific!

With its distinctive lineup of restaurants, high-quality shops and services, and its well-appointed cinemas, there's no doubt Commercenter is a relaxing treat for everyone. 

Check out this room, I love it! It's one of the many cozy massage rooms of Comodo Spa

Catering to the residents within Alabang and surrounding areas, indeed, Commercenter provides a unique destination away from the maddening crowd. If you haven't been here yet, do visit Commercenter so you too can have one-of-a-kind discoveries and experiences that are among the best-kept secrets in Alabang :)

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  1. Maganda pala yang mall na yan�� Nakakatuwa ang food, sana lahat ganyan ka healthy for sure marami din ako kakainin, masarap tingnan. ��
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