Thursday, May 31, 2018


Clear and sunny skies, good weather, sand in your toes. With summer officially ending in just a few days, my weekends are fast becoming last-minute hurrahs for this wonderful season. And I know I'm just not the one who wishes an extension for summer.

But wait— there's a better way to continue to enjoy summer by being able to share Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza with friends all year round! The delicious Hawaiian Overload Pizza is sure to keep that sun-kissed feel from its refreshing yet addictive flavors from its overloaded toppings.

Having and enjoying that Hawaiian vibe with friends around.
So yeah, that happy summer vibe is alive regardless of those dark clouds which are about to take over soon.

To keep that tropical mood going among the barkada, Greenwich recently gave Yassi Pressman and Bella Padilla a Hawaiian luau party being both are beach lovers and have just celebrated their birthday. The venue was transformed into Hawaiian haven filled with summer vibes and activities.

Everyone enjoyed Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza loaded with sweet pineapples, premium cheeses, topped with generous amount of bacon and ham making it the perfect tropical treat among the summer - obsessed guests.

Robi Domingo and JC Santos, fellow Greenwich Barkadas, hosted the event. 
Robi and JC entertained everyone including a number of lucky ~Yassi and Bella fans. There were musical performances and games where everyone enjoyed.

Good news is, summer does not have to end even when the clouds roll in – you can enjoy a full-year summer season with your friends with a box of Hawaiian Overload Pizza with a price that's just right. Plus having it delivered right at your doorstep is made easier. Just text G to 0919-88-55555 for Smart and 0905-88-55555 for Globe. No need to call them. Upon receiving your text, they will be the one to call you so you can place your delivery orders. Yes guys, no need to make those landline calls!!!

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