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I used to be a coffee addict~ (from 10 cups which eventually became up to 5 cups a day na lang). But ever since I said YES to the challenge to have that HEALTHY ACTIVE lifestyle, my 5cups became 0. Yup, ever since April 24, kinaya ko na walang coffee — so now I have 0 caffeine in my system for over a month already.

Let's face it, it’s not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Honestly, I consider myself "a not so healthy eater" (prior to my fitness challenge). Lahat na yata ng hindi healthy eh yun yung mas gusto ko — did you know that I even cook hotdogs and eggs in butter. Yup, ganon ako kalala!

Oh and I could still clearly recall when I was sooooo addicted to coffee. My coffee is complete with "the works" — I drown it with milk, lots of creamer and sugar, and I think it's one of the culprits na din in my weight gain. 

Barlico — The Coffee Substitute
Don’t get me wrong ha, I’m not saying coffee ☕️ is bad for our health (in fact, when taken in moderation, coffee helps and give us antioxidants which is good for our health). What’s bad is yung anything that is too much. Kaya nga I’m glad that I discovered Barlico— it’s made of Barley & Chicory that taste and smells like coffee pero 100% caffeine-free! Hindi ko alam kung paano, pero sobrang lasang coffee talaga sya (well I think it is because of its ingredient, Chicory. It’s a better option to coffee lovers like me— gosh, meron naman palang alternative!

Barlico 3 in 1 Coffee Substitute
So if you love your morning cup of coffee but worried about caffeine overdose, you guys got to try Barlico too, 'cause you too can make that change and choose the healthier choice!

Healthier Me with Barlico
I’m drinking Barlico 3in1 in the photo above for my morning snack with a banana after doing a quick exercise. It only has 86calories kaya push sa merienda ko. 😉

Barlico — The Coffee Substitute
It is available in different variants to suit your taste preference. Instant Coffee Substitutes Granules is priced at Php 80.00, 3-in-1 is priced at Php 80.00, Choco Barlico is priced at Php 120.00 and Cappucino (not on photo) for only Php 110.00. 

Barlico — The Coffee Substitute
Barlico in classic granules only has 25 calories/cup, Barlico 3 in 1 has 86 calories/ cup, and Choco Barlico has 132.5 calories/cup. Bagay na bagay for the health conscious!😘

Oh wait, you got kids who already love coffee? Let them try Barlico too. Question is, is it safe for Children? Definitely, since it doesn't contain caffeine! In fact, Choco Barlico is ideal for younger kids. It's two main ingredient — Barley and Chicory helps eliminate toxins through better digestion.

Plus since it's caffeine free, it is also safe to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Moreover, Barlico’s coffee substitute in granules does not contain any sugar so it is safe to be taken by people who have Type 1 and 2 diabetes. 

Barlico is available in select stores and supermarkets nationwide. As of this writing, it’s available in Unimart and soon to be available at Puregold. You can also directly order to their website, or through their facebook page. For instant updates, you can like their FB fan page : @barlicophilippines or follow them on Instagram at @barlicophilippines.


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