Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I grew up having a glass of milk in the morning and drinking one before bedtime. Something my daughter has adapted, well, half of it though, only —she never forgets to drink milk before bedtime.

Now that I am a mom already and as a parent, it is our responsibility to provide our kids with everything they need so they may able to develop to their fullest potential. We must give them the right food and way of life for them to grow up strong in mind and body.

But with all the milk brands in the market, it can be overwhelming and confusing to determine which ones are really good for us. Perhaps some of you are aware that not all milk products are equal. I belong to the opposite group, unfortunately. Ako yung nasa group who rely on commercials and forgets to check on the ingredients and labels. 

Thus, I am just grateful to learn a lot about what to look for when buying milk in an intimate discussion prepared for moms the week just right before Mother's day. 

Isn't it that we give our kids their milk so that they will have enough protein and calcium? Question is, do we really know what we are really looking for in our milk? I was surprised when I learned that the calcium from the milk which we thought our kids would be getting from the milk we give to them may not be easily absorbed with the other milk brands since other brands contain less natural dairy. That is why it is really important that we check the ingredients because there are milk products out there which are just filled with substitutes or additives which in the end would just not give the nutrition that we want for our kids. 

So how do we check the ingredients to make sure that the milk brand we give our loved ones would deliver the right thing? Check out the label and look for the ingredient that says 100% whole milk. You asked why? Because whole milk provides high-quality protein which has all essential amino acids for faster growth and development. So remember, your milk brand should contain whole milk or at least closest to its natural form. 

So what brand or milk contains whole milk? Fortunately, us moms can count on Anchor to be our partner in making sure our children are getting the right nutrition through whole milk. As the true champion of real and pure dairy in the Philippines, Anchor believes in the importance of harnessing one’s potential through whole dairy goodness and providing dairy nourishment in new ways every day. 

During the discussion, I was able to learn that Anchor’s whole milk has a myriad of benefits compared to other milk brands. Anchor milk products are produced from 100% grass-fed cows living in lush green farms plus it is naturally rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. It also have fewer fillers which means that calcium is more bioavailable. That means calcium may be more easily absorbed vs other milk products which contain less natural dairy.

When it comes to providing natural and whole dairy nutrition, we can count on Anchor’s quality products to give us #AWholeLotToLove. Choose from a variety of Anchor milk products which are all made from whole milk — this is Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder, Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk. Anchor Low-Fat UHT Milk and Anchor Family Milk Choco.

Oh and we also had a short activity. We were asked to choose ingredients which we think should be in our milk. 

I think I only got two right answers, haha! What a terrible mom I am... kaya nga it is a must talaga that parents should have that sufficient knowledge on milk so as to be sure on what we serve and give to our family. If you saw the word "HYDROGENATED" on the ingredients of your milk~ then you have to think twice already. Basta, you have to bear in mind, "Not all milks are the same"!

If you want to know more about the whole milk goodness, you may visit anchorphilippines.com to know more.

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