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Tammy and I had a memorable experience at the Gardenia Factory in Biñan Laguna just a few days after her school year 2017-2018 ended.  I was already skeptical about summer vacation ideas since I do not want her to be doing nothing during the vacation. Good thing, the invitation for Gardenia's Summer Kiddie Workshop came in at the right time. Our May 16 was a blast!

Gardenia's first ever Kiddie Workshop started last year 2017 where hundreds of kids enjoyed an ultimate bread journey workshop experience. The workshop included fun-filled, educational learning activities which every kid enjoyed. 

This year, we experienced everything as well but this time the workshop does not only aim to provide an enjoyable experience to the kids but also firsthand learning experiences for them. 

They had a new set of exciting activities where the kids learned & had fun at the same time and yup, even us Moms enjoyed every moment.

The kids had a fun-filled activity such as storytelling
They were also taught proper hand washing and healthy eating habits lecture.

They got to discover a lot about how the bread is being made.
They were also taught "Plant tour guiding" 
At the "Plant Tour Guiding" activity, the kids were taught the basics of tour guiding. With a few minutes to practice, they became an instant tour guides for us parents when it was our turn to do the plant tour.

I tell you, these kids are all smart. Imagine, from our batch, there were kids who are as young as 6 years old!

We were able to do an art - by making our name tags in an artistic way.

Then they have a coloring session.

Super fun "Art Session"
We were given a miniature mold of the Gardenia bread loaf then it's already up to us to explore each of our creativity. Superrrrr fun! Me and Tammy imitated the actual color and design of the Gardenia Bread. :)

We also had a cooking class
Tammy with her friend Abby :)
The cooking class has 3 different sessions.

Both kids and parents are pretty attentive to the chef :)

First session: We were taught to do ham and cheese pinwheel sandwich

 Tammy's very own ham and cheese pinwheel sandwich

Second Session: We were taught how to make a polvoron using toasties :)

Crunching time: Toasties are being crunched until powder -fine :)
Crunch, crunch! :)

3rd Session: We were taught how to make pop cakes using Twiggies dipped in Delicia chocolate spread. Yummmm!

After which, they can enjoy and eat it. Yummers!

They also had a store tour.
At the store tour, the kids were given a spiel where they pretended to be a Sales staff trying to sell to the parents who are "the customers"

Enjoying her firsthand experience as a cashier 
They enjoyed the firsthand experience doing the actual cashier role. Tammy said, "mom it's an unforgettable experience, thank you for saying yes to this invitation."

Tammy showing off her certificate of attendance from the workshop.

Of course, a kid's event won't be complete without a mascot appearance. Ang saya!

Thank you Gardenia for making us ohhhh so happy!!!

You may check all other photos here and here.

Oh, fellow moms and dads, I'm sure you also want your kids to experience this one of a kind activity too! 

The Gardenia Kiddie Workshop 2018 is already ongoing daily and will run until the month of June 2018. Kids ages 5-10 years old (accompanied by one parent or guardian) can join. Kids who are not within this age bracket but are already capable to participate in the activities, they are also welcome to join.

Joining is easy, all you have to do is fill out the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop registration form link here: You may also download and fill out the form at Gardenia Plant Tour Facebook page (@GardeniaFactoryTour). Once done, you may send the accomplished form via Facebook PM or email at The Kids workshop is absolutely free. Once you got a reply from the GARDENIA team for your schedule, all you have to do is bring empty packaging of the following Gardenia products on the day of the workshop: 
a. 1 loaf packaging
b. 1 pandesal/bun packaging
c. 1 Creamroll packaging
d. 1 Pocket Sandwich packaging
e. 1 Twiggies packaging
4. Bring any ID that indicates the kid’s date of birth on the day of the workshop.

That's it, Moms and Dads! 

If you have questions, you may contact Gardenia directly. You may get in touch with them at:
Trunkline: (02) 889-8990 | (049) 539-1136 to 40 local 258 
Mobile: 0917-894-2341 | 0920-911-4606 

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