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I super love shopping! If you encounter someone and told you that they hate shopping, trust me~that someone is a complete hypocrite. I mean, common, we all know what shopping can do to someone. It's one thing that pumps out blood in my system if you'll ask me. haha! With the continuous development of e-commerce, I  have been recently shopping frequently online. And with all honesty, I enjoy shopping online than in real life because I discover a lot of stuff especially items which I couldn’t find anywhere not to mention that I super hate to spend hours and hours scouring items which could end up unavailable. Also, I’m that type of person who doesn’t really appreciate a crowd, so online shopping perfectly fits my bill. I have been shopping at several online stores and one of which is with Shopee.

I’ve narrowed down 10 things I discovered through it and also shared my top 3 reasons as to why I love shopping at Shopee.

My 10 Shopee discoveries:
Shopee has become my favorite because it is where I discovered a lot of unique and truly affordable finds. Here are the top 10 amongst my discoveries:

We love staycations—trust me, I have a lot of these. You will find that its prices are reasonable compared to the prices which I spotted in bazaars plus it could double up as a yoga mat too.

This is very nice in your room and could be used in your pictures and flat lays.

It took me awhile to buy this one because of an unreasonable price that I find everywhere. Try the search button and type portable mini studio box, feeling ko even if you don't need it, mapapabili ka because the prices are super affordable from the many sellers of this item . Ikaw na bahala mag canvass.

The native bags have been around for a long time. I have like 3 native bags  pero di ko pinapansin, covered with dust na lang sila. But now that it has become a trend, you'll see a lot of sellers in IG and FB who are taking advantage of the clamor for this must have summer bag. Don't let them deceive you, just search in Shopee, madaming mura. Promise. 

You're welcome. haha! ;)

Many of my friends compliment and ask where do I buy our cute na mga shoes~( Tammy's and mine). Here's the answer. :)

If your daughter or son are crazy about those slow rising squishy's ~ you'll definitely find a lot of it at Shopee. Yup, even the ones which you could only spot on the internet. Mura~promise!

An OC - kikay-maarte mom like me loves arte packaging. So I was just so happy when I discovered these cookie/candy bag, No more plain boring transparent ones ever since I got these ones on my hand. Try to get for your kids too. I'm pretty sure your children would enjoy their snacks more.

This is my favorite. No need to look for them anywhere because I can get them via online. Saves my time, my gas and parking fee. I get pa a shipping fee discount because this is over 250pesos purchase.

The one product I can't live without. What they said was true. Once you tried a Snail, you'll always use snail. This totally hydrates my skin. I call this my total amazing snail power. :)

My photo taking essential.  Very useful talaga.

Why I love to shop at Shopee
I'm  sure you've heard about Shopee. I super enjoy my shopping experience in it because of so many reasons. Aside from the many unique discoveries, here's my top 3 on my list why:

1. Shopee guarantee. If you have tried shopping with the platform, I know you too would agree with me na super fun talaga to shop. Promise, when I'm doing my shopping with Shopee, my trust to mankind is 100% intact. haha! Kidding aside, sobrang kampante ako everytime I make a purchase because of their Shopee guarantee. This guarantees a shopper that once you order and make a payment, hindi ka maloloko or whatsoever. With the Shopee guarantee, it protects you by holding your payment until you confirm that you have received your goods. The payment is then released to the seller. This is definitely something that Fb and IG shops cannot offer.

2. Free Shipping. They say there's no such thing as free but with Shopee, for every 500 pesos purchase you make, shipping is already free. You a get a shipping fee discount for a 250 pesos purchase.

3. Endless deals and steals. Shopee always has deals in store so don’t forget to check your inbox once in a while for those irresistible promos.

To be honest, I still have a lot, pero feeling ko di talaga matatapos kaya I narrowed my discoveries down to ten and 3 reasons na lang why I love Shopee, haha! I'll be making a list na lang din about my Summer must-haves from Shopee so you will have something to look forward pa. 

If you haven't tried online shopping yet, I invite you to check out in your browser. You can also download the app on GooglePlay or AppStore.

I hope you found this post helpful!

Feel free to USE MY PROMO CODE: BSUKIMERMAID for first-time users and get as much as 80 pesos off your first purchase! The voucher can be used on all Shopee guarantee products. A minimum spend of PhP400 is required.

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