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Hello y'all! How's your long weekend going? With all the posts that I have been seeing in my feed, I'm pretty sure, all of us are having a good time. As for me, we started our holiday last monday night— yes, 1 whole week holiday for us kaya sinasagad ko na, minsan lang sa isang taon ang summer guys, let's make the most out of it!

Anyways, prior to leaving home, I was surprised that the package that I ordered from BeautyMNL got delivered. Despite BeautyMNL 's guarantee of next day delivery within Metro Manila addresses, I didn't actually expect that mine will be delivered the next day kasi I placed my order on April 24 which is a Monday and was able to finalise it medyo late na that day kaya nga I placed a special delivery instructions pa for my package since we are leaving for a holiday. I was really happy that I got it before our flight kayo ito, I brought it with me and I am excited to share with you my BeautyMNL haul.

If you are my friend, nor my constant reader/follower on IG and FB, you would know that I am very fond of beauty products. Thus, an email from BeautyMNL inviting me to try out their site made me one truly happy lady. I am really thankful for that email so here's advance shout out to BeautyMNL team. 'Cause really, I couldn't be any happier with my beauty haul from their site. Teehee!

BeautyMNL Philippines is a one stop online beauty destination which offers Makeup, Skin care, Hair care, body care, everyday essentials and even Accessories. 

It is a haven for beauty enthusiasts and heaven sent for busy men and women. 

Why heaven sent? 

Imagine in a fast paced environment that we have right now, kulang na kulang ang oras natin. But with BeautyMNL — by just merely using your phone, your lappy and your little fingers, your favourite products can easily be purchased. Tipid ka na sa oras, pamasahe, pa-gas/ pa-diesel, parking at kung anu-ano pa, hindi ka pa na stress sa traffic bes! Dagdag ganda at pogi points saating mga busy yan dibaa!!

May pa-bonus pa sa BeautyMNL because when you browse their site, the store also provides insightful articles in their in-house magazine, Bloom which is created to match every Filipina’s needs— from lifestyle to beauty tips and tricks. This section helped me a lot. I actually discovered in one of the articles why I am having hard time curling my hair. I mean, I have a natural straight hair but for ages, it have kept me wonder why I can't stick my hair on a curl. Ang hirap mag-style bes! You may check the article which I am referring here.

Oh and you may also get honest to goodness product reviews from real life customers when you browse at their Beauty by You section. San ka pa diba? These makes beauty accessible to everyone. Beauty MNL allows "us" to be beautiful everyday!

Signing up for an account in their site was a breeze. It only took me minutes. Browsing through their website took me days. Juice kooo! Sobrang pigil na pigil ako in purchasing otherwise, I would be so broke.

But seriously, everything with BeautyMNL is worth it and it is fast and easy; just follow these 4 simple steps and get ready for a shopping spree!

Weather you search for your favorites or browse different categories such as makeup, skin care, hair care, essentials and accessories — It' easy breezy. 

Add to your cart once you find the product that you want to purchase. You can proceed to check out or if you have changed your mind and purchase some pa, you can continue shopping for more. But do note that before checking out, you would need to enter your details such as name, email address, mobile number, and birthdate. You also need to provide your shipping details.

Prior to your confirmation, you need to enter your payment method whether PayPal, bank or mobile transfer, COD, etc. During this stage, you can also use available Beauty MNL voucher codes to get discounts (if you have any) —

Once you have confirmed payment preference, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your recent Beauty MNL purchase. Details about shipping your items will also follow once it leaves the BeautyMNL warehouse and en-route to your shipping address.

My shopping experience with with BeautyMNL was smooth and hassle free. I would like to commend their system because it is EASY. FAST. AND RELIABLE. Oh, and I would also like to specially mention that I like the option button in the delivery section upon checking out because there is an option there where you will have to state and indicate the name of the persons who may receive your package for your own security na din.

The package came in very good condition and I am excited to share with all of you my haul from BeautyMNL.


Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Duo Contour Stick ~ Php 499 
I have always wanted to buy this ever since it was launched but for some reason, hindi ko sya mabili-bili. Bakit ko sya gusto?  Because this features one contouring shade on one end and a shimmering highlighting shade on the other. I have to try it yet and find out if the reviews suits me too. I got the medium shade. 

Skin Genie Anti EYEging~ Php150
When I came across this product at BeautyMNL, I told myself, I needed this. Panlaban sa pagpupuyat ko. It has positive reviews as it combats puffiness and said to minimize the appearance of dark circles. Ito na kaya ang sagot sa dark circles ko? I'll let you know! (wink!)

Human Nature 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm~ Php100
There are days when I am just tamad to wear lippy na. Kaya when I saw this, grab agad and I included it in my cart. It said to be a nourishing lip balm with a subtle hint of color — 

Skin Potions Flaunt Thy Lashes ~ Php200
Flaunt Thy Lashes by Skin Potions is an all-natural hair growth serum for full, flirty lashes ~ I used to have a similar product which I never get to use hanggang sa nag expire na sya 'cause I forgot na meron pala ako (naitago ko kasi sa cabinet hanging sa nakalimuts ko na). I was so frustrated when I discovered na expired na the product kaya nga I was just like a kid shouting for joy when I saw this one at BeautyMNL. Hope it will be effective on my lashes too. I'll keep you posted guys! 

I am very happy with my haul and I can't stop playing with my new purchases especially the Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Duo Contour Stick. I never thought I would be this obssessed sa pang contour. Is it the best one or not?? My answer will be REVEALED on another post. 

Overall, I love BeautyMNL!!! I can say it over and over and alam ko paulit ulit na ako pero talagang everything naman kasi was stress and hassle free. From browsing affordable products to high end ones, in finalising purchases to payment options, and staying true to their promised delivery date to receiving well handled purchases — The shopping experience was indeed a breeze! 

Try them out too! Ma-ha-happy din kayo for sure. You may visit their website for more information at Stalk their IG for instant updates at or you may like their Facebook page:



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