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Sweet Sweet Sarap Sarap Sweet Sarap.
Sweet Sweet Sarap Sarap Sweet Sarap.
Sweeeeet-sarap (sweet - sarap sarap)
Sweet -sarap jolly spaghetti (sweet - sarap sarap) 
Sweeeeet-sarap (sweet - sarap ) 
Favorite kita talaga...

Whenever, I hear the New Jollibee TVC, I go LSS. I'm sure you heard it na! The latest TV commercial for the best-selling Jolly Spaghetti, which began airing end of March features the British-Filipino child star Xia Vigor enjoying the product. 

Jollibee has been a part of my childhood and even up to this moment. Diba, Ang tanda ko na, Jollibee pa din right. haha! 

I could still even fondly remember our papa would bring me and my sister Liz along Philam Park to jog in the morning then Jollibee na afterwards. Ang saya-saya!


Last week, Tammy and I attended Jolly Spaghetti's media launch. And you know what, Jollibee's Jolly Spaghetti has maintained its timeless appeal — that "tamis-linamnam" flavor na cheesiest and  meatiest that definitely bring out the jolly kid in all of us. 

Jolly Spaghetti: Timeless sweet-sarap goodness. Php 50.00 Solo and P55.00 for the value meal with drink.
Jollibee took all the basic elements of a spaghetti dish and elevated it into a treat that Pinoys will definitely love. The rich tomato sauce is carefully seasoned to achieve peak tamis-linamnam goodness. Generous amounts of beefy and juicy hotdog slices are added in for a filling meal and creamy shreds of cheese are sprinkled on top to complete the one-of-a-kind Jolly Spaghetti taste. 

“Since its launch nearly four decades ago, the Jolly Spaghetti has remained a favorite among Filipino children from different generations and walks of life. Our newest TVC illustrates that unforgettable sweet-sarap feeling that Pinoys get whenever they eat Jolly Spaghetti. It’s like being a jolly kid again, when every moment is filled with fun, good food, and the company of our loved ones.” - Luis Berba, Jollibee Brand Manager. 

Xia Vigor with the Jollibee Executives
Xia’s cheerful and articulate personality and her genuine love for Jolly Spaghetti are the qualities why the management team of Jollibee chose her to join the ever-growing Jollibee family. She was given the official welcome in a media event held at Jollibee Biopolis Macapagal last April 22, 2017. 

When asked why she loves the Jolly Spaghetti, the adorable Xia gamely answered,

“I love it because sweet-sarap, tamis-linamnam siya talaga and it has a lot of hotdogs and cheese. Sana more kids like me will keep eating and enjoy Jolly Spaghetti!” 

“Even when I wasn’t in showbiz yet, Jollibee has always been my favorite place to eat Jolly Spaghetti with my Mommy, kuya, and cousins.” - Xia Vigor

Tammy with Jollibee
New Jollibee TVC captures the tamis-linamnam deliciousness of a classic favorite. Jolly Spaghetti has become a comfort food for many Pinoys. Actually, each time we dine-in at Jollibee, those wonderful memories from childhood kept on coming back. Jollibee has that certain appeal to the kids and even to the kids at heart. Luis Berba, Jollibee's Brand Manager was right. Indeed, the Jolly Spaghetti is the Pinoy spaghetti. 

You may check more photos from the launch HERE.



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