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It was a rainy Easter Sunday last week. We were able to check-in early from our Marriott Manila Staycation so as soon as we finished checking-in, Tammy and I drove our way to Alabang Town Center for Vanilla Cafe's Cupcake Decorating Easter Activity. It was just an easy and short drive as it was just one "skyway" away! (wink!wink!) —

We were excited for our Easter this year 'cause we know prior that we will have a more egg-citing activity than our previous years. The rain didn't dampen our high spirits that time as Tammy and I imagined and talk about different cupcake decorations during our ride.

Vanilla Cafe is one of our go-to cafe's in Alabang Town Center because of its very yummy cupcakes and super pretty ambiance. Have you visited any of their branches yet? If you still haven't, I would recommend that you do because the place will transport you to a wonderland of cupcakes and all things pretty and girlie! Truly instagram worthy!

We never missed going there especially if we came right from dining -in at the Japanese restaurant beside where Vanilla Cafe is located.

She greeted us with a warm smile as she welcomed us upon our arrival at the cafe. Diba, how can you resist a pretty place with lots of cupcakes and with a charming staff?

I kennat!

I was surprised that they had a wide selection of Milk Shakes, Smoothies, Fruit Shakes and Savory meals that are just below P200. Honestly, whenever we visit Vanilla Cafe, our main focus are just the cupcakes so i never get to notice that they are already offering other stuff too. 

We came in a little bit earlier than the other participants so we got to check their menu and got to try it. Tammy ordered their Bacon Carbonara and a Green Mango Shake. While I ordered Porkchop with Pepper Sauce and their Matcha Frappuccino Smoothie. I would like to commend the chef because seriously, I never expected that a cupcake cafe can serve good food such as the ones that we tried! Take note, the one that I had is an "ulam" so really, Kudos to the Chef at Vanilla Cafe in Alabang Town Center. 

A detailed review of what we had may be found HERE. 

We were ushered to our seats as we wait for it to start. They were already preparing the area for the activity and it was just a few meters from where we were seated. By just merely spotting the colors and all, Tammy and I felt giddy already over our excitement.

There were candy sprinkles in different colors and cupcake toppers on the table.

Look at how cute these cupcake toppers are!!! 

All kids  who participated in Vanilla Cafe’s cupcake decorating activity were given a toque, an apron, a DIY cupcake kit and a kiddie meal with a minimal fee of PhP550. Remember I shared to you last week about this event?  If you missed it, you may check the link of my blogpost here so you may view the details again.

Check out Tammy— Isn't she so cute!

When the participants were gathered, these Southies kids looked like they were just classmates. Regardless of their age, they all looked so excited and plain happy!
If I am not mistaken, the youngest participant is a toddler, about 4 y.o. :)

They were all focused in what they were doing.

And very happy on its outcome! 

It's like a school activity but more of learnings and just having fun.

Look at her. She looked so happy with her cupcakes!

These little boy is such a sweetie! So as his cupcake with a bunny topper.

And if you were there and was able to watch this little hooman as he does his decorating — you would want to pinch his cheeks too because he is so cute.  Oh and he is the youngest among the group too!

Tammy and her cuppie :)

Isn't it cute?!

Oh, and Tammy was able to decorate another cupcake. She punched a whole on the cupcake, filled it with frosting  as a filling and topped it with a carrot topper and Vanilla Cafe "V" logo

Check out a boomerang of it below:

She looks very pleased with her two (2) cute and yummy cupcakes.

Just by looking at her, and all of the kids, I could already sense how they enjoyed their activity.

Oh did I mention I was able to decorate my own cupcake too? 
Yes, there was an extra cupcake and topper and as a kid at heart, I grabbed the chance. haha! 

 Mine was the one at the lower right with a "V" topper.

After decorating one, I just cannot explain the sense of fulfilment that I felt. haha! Ang babaw noh? 

But  as you see, may you be a kid, a toddler, a young adult or whatever age you maybe — Vanilla Cafe doesn't set anyone apart because it is made for everyone.

So if you are feeling happy or feeling blue— 

Wether you are young or young at heart —



If you want to know more about Vanilla Cafe, you may visit their website at . Like them at Vanilla Cafe Facebook page and follow them on their Instagram: @vanillacafeph to get instant updates. You may also call them at 0918-VANILLA —



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