Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Save More with Maya

Have you already started year 2023 with your financial goals? Everybody wants to have enough money to last the entire year. Don't worry if you're seeking for a means to kickstart your financial goals this year. Your one-stop online bank, Maya, has you covered.

Whether you are looking for ways to save on shopping, travel, boost your savings, or get your bills covered, Maya runs down tips and tricks to master your money and get you closer to your 2023 money goals!


Boost your savings

·                     Grow your hard-earned savings with up to a massive 6% p.a. with Maya Savings for deposits up to P100,000. All you have to do is spend a total of PHP 250.00 on bills, load, or Maya payments (QR code, card, or online). In excess of P100,000, you also earn a base interest rate of 4.5% p.a on your deposits up to P5 million. You also get to watch your money grow as savings interests are credited to your account, daily!

·                     Maya Savings also lets you set up Personal Goals and earn a guaranteed 6% interest per annum on deposits of up to PHP1M. What’s more, you can create up to 5 different Personal Goals. Think one for each life goal like emergencies, home, car…  just what being in control of your own finances looks like. 


Save on fees

  • Get cash in your Maya wallet for a minimum of PHP 1,500.00 via InstaPay and get your InstaPay fee (up to PHP 25.00) as a cashback!
  • No need to worry about transfer fees when you cash in your Maya wallet from any of your linked banks, or from other over-the-counter channels (up to PHP 8,000.00 per month).


Spend and save

  • Shop at Robinsons Malls and get some money back with Maya! For a minimum PHP 1,000.00 single-receipt spend, you can receive a PHP 100.00 cashback from your first-ever Maya QR transaction and PHP 50.00 consecutively after.
  • Need mobile load? Collect 5% cashback each time you accumulate PHP 500.00 worth of load. New to Maya? Enjoy 20% cashback (up to PHP 50.00) when you load up with Smart or TNT!


Traveling? Save on these deals!

  • Enjoy 50% off (up to PHP 1,500.00) on hotels and 1,500 AirAsia points by booking a hotel worth at least PHP 1,500 through the AirAsia super app or website. Simply enter your Maya Visa card details upon checkout and input the code “VISA50”.
  • Get 8% off when you book for hotels via agoda.com/visaph and pay using your Maya Visa card.

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