Saturday, February 18, 2023

#HerFirstLove : Selfless, Unconditional, Constant

Beyond romantic love, there's so much more to celebrate this season— I celebrated the sweet and unbreakable love of my family. ❤

It was the year 2006 when I think I experienced all sorts of emotions you could think of. It was this year when I became a mother to my one and only daughter. 

To tell you honestly, I was anxious about being a mother —I kept on thinking about whether my husband and I will be good providers as her parents. 

Having Tammy in our lives is such a blessing. She has brought and taught us the kind of love I never knew and felt. 

Fast forward to this year —Tammy is now a teen. And if you are going to ask me how we are doing as her parents, well I am still anxious as I was in the year 2006. Mahirap, napaka - challenging and demanding!

Yes, it is difficult and demanding to be a parent, but it’s also joyful and fulfilling, and in our case, we do get to take breaks! We can savor our evenings out drinking wine just with friends or even just ourselves. 

How I wish parenting comes with a manual where you could just google and find answers. Unfortunately— wala talaga. I guess one of the reasons it's challenging being a parent is because Tammy has become a piece of our hearts. Her happiness and well-being matter to us very deeply. She has become our entire world because we are emotionally connected to her. Tammy's successes make us happier than our own, and we hurt more than her when she experiences pain of any kind.

Although there isn't a fixed method for raising kids, through the years we have realized that to be a good parent, we have learned how to be consistent. Aside from loving Tammy with all our hearts, we have learned to love her without spoiling her. We have learned that we have to set rules and give consequences if needed. We have learned that we have to accept her for who she is so she can have the confidence to be who she wants to be. 

Now that Tammy is a teen, there is no greater joy than seeing her grow up into a beautiful young adolescent with a beautiful mind and heart with her own unique individual perspectives on the world. I know that anytime someone criticizes us, she will not think twice to step up and support us. Her wisdom motivates us every day. I hate to say it, but we dread the day Tammy will soar far from the nest leaving us alone and broken-hearted. Nonetheless, we will feel a great sense of satisfaction and happiness in knowing that we have contributed the best product to society. Tammy need not tell us every day but we know that she loves me and her dad equally and unconditionally. She teaches us every day how to do the same. 

Have you watched PLDT Home’s Valentine’s Day video featuring Maxene Magalona? It resonated with me because of Tammy. It was recently doing its rounds on Facebook and YT where Maxene pens a letter to her late father, the iconic and legendary master rapper Francis Magalona, who she says taught her the true meaning of love. She realized that it is our parents who are the ones who loved us first, unconditionally. 

I love how Maxene realizes this meaningful truth about the love and sacrifices his father made and shares it with everyone. She continues to live on the love that her dad taught her. “The love you experience at home is the love that you model,” she shares. You can watch the full video on PLDT Home's YouTube and Facebook. I know it will touch you the way it has touched me.

Like Maxene, Tammy may not be able to understand that love is not a bed full of roses for now — but I know that she will treasure the unconditional love she gets from me and her dad. Soon —when she becomes an adult, she will learn that the strongest bonds in our life are made of familial love, which is genuinely indestructible, eternal, and boundless.


In the recent heartbreaking event that happened on Tammy's campus, I could prove that parenting is indeed challenging. (For context: just click the link for the full story of what happened). 

As a parent, one has to really pay attention and be present when one speaks to your child. You must actually listen when they speak to you and keep an open mind that's why it’s also important to maintain open channels of communication. Shameless plug, but I really have to commend PLDT Home's fast and reliable internet. Without it, I won't be able to comfort Tammy at the time when she needed me most. It goes without saying that a dependable and quick internet connection is essential for keeping in touch with loved ones. PLDT Home is indeed the provider that we all need —offering fast and reliable internet that enables families to stay connected, no matter where they are.

Parenthood is really tough; it’s not for the weak. You provide your parenting with your sweat, blood, tears, and fears. Nevertheless, you also receive a ton of love, joy, laughter, fun, hugs, and happiness in return. When I'm feeling down, it is my family's love who embraces and lifts my spirits. After all, there is no sweeter gesture than to have this kind of love at home. 

What's your first love story? I wanna know, share it with me! :)

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