Monday, February 20, 2023

Discover Erich Gonzales' Secret to a Blooming Love Month

Love Month is one of the perfect times for a romantic dinner date with your loved one, and what's a better accompaniment to a romantic evening than a glass of wine? Little do most people know, the key to a healthy heart can be found in the very drink that sets the mood for a memorable night. We're talking about resveratrol, the magical ingredient found in red wine.

Actress and beauty icon Erich Gonzales has recently shared in her Instagram post her secret to being blooming – inside and out, and it involves incorporating resveratrol into her daily routine. 

But instead of relying on red wine, Erich turns to Bluumz - an all-natural and powerful 3-in-1 beauty supplement that contains resveratrol equivalent to a bottle of red wine. 

Bluumz is not just your average beauty supplement - it offers both inner health and outer beauty benefits. In addition to resveratrol that supports heart health, Bluumz contains fruit and vegetable extracts for glowing skin, and acerola cherry for immunity. 

Experience the love and care that your heart and skin deserve this Love Month with Bluumz. Bluumz is only Php 20 per chewable tablet and is available at Mercury Drug Stores near you. You can also purchase conveniently online at their official stores:


Start your journey to a blooming beauty. For more information and updates, follow them on their social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok: @bluumzph

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