Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Feeling “low-batt”? Here are some easy ways to remain energized

We all have that toxic days right and there are really days when we can get so loaded that we often lose energy. And times like these call a midday pick-me-up to help us get through all our tasks and activities. 

Here are some tips for simple happiness that will keep you energized at home at any time.

Play fun music
Bust out your favorite playlist to keep you awake while chasing deadlines or doing chores. Dancing and singing out loud aren’t required, but you’re free to do so.

Get pet cuddles
Sometimes our pets love to disturb our virtual meetings, but we don’t turn them away because they make us happy (and our officemates love seeing them too). So if you feel like your energy is drained, step away from your tasks and play with your fur baby for a few minutes.

Watch interesting and funny videos
When our day starts turning bland, we can’t help but go through social media and watch random videos. They can be simple food videos, makeup tutorials, or a compilation of funny clips. These can get your creative juices flowing, especially when you’re looking for pegs for work or school, and also improve your mood.

Munch on a yummy, energizing snack
A midday snack is great for giving you that quick boost of energy in between tasks. 

One snack you should try is Jack ‘n Jill Magic Creams, which are crunchy crackers that come with Linamyum Palaman cream filling – Chocolate, Butter, Condensada, Peanut Butter, and now with a new flavor, Cheese.

Energize every day and stock up on Jack ‘n Jill Magic Creams at your favorite supermarkets, sari-sari stores, or online through Lazada.

Because with Magic, puno ng saya at puno ng sigla ang araw mo! For more updates, follow Magic’s official Facebook page.

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