Thursday, April 22, 2021

Go Greener With These Eco-friendly Products on Shopee

Have you ever wonder about shifting to environmentally friendly or "sustainable" products? Well, it really feels right to think about our carbon footprint and our desire to minimize waste and its environmental impact.

This can only be accomplished by making the deliberate choice to use environmentally friendly goods. We should all want to learn more about how the goods we use are made and what exactly is in them. Environmentally friendly goods are those that do not affect the environment. These are items made entirely of organic and natural ingredients. They're also packaged in compostable recyclable or biodegradable materials. Today, you can easily find these products like the brand Messy Bessy and you can easily purchase them as they are available on Shopee.

Here are some of their products which you can try:

The Messy Bessy’s The Little Warrior Sanitizer Green Tea is your germ-busting multi-tasking sidekick! 
It can be used as a disinfectant when you spray on a dirty surface or in the air then leave it to dry and as a surface cleaner by spraying on tissue or cotton and wipe clean.

The little warrior contains a germ-busting 68% premium plant-based alcohol (sugarcane ethyl alcholol), made with soothing aloe vera, and fragrant bergamot essential oil.

The Messy Bessy Hand Cream Bamboo Fresh is made with plant-derived moisturizers that will leave your hands so smooth and will rejuvenate you with the fragrance of bamboo fresh. It smells great too.

Frequent handwashing is good and necessary, but it may lead to dry skin. protect your hands with this :). It smell nice, I swear! 

The Messy Bessy Hand and Body Wash Bamboo Fresh in 50ml bottles are very handy. 

This promises the purest liquid soap you can find - free of sulfate, parabens, colorant & toxins that can work its way through your skin and into your body.

The Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner that works on pretty much any surface. 

It gives me satisfaction because I can see how thoroughly it cleans every surface in our house. Orange oil is a natural duster, stain remover, and polisher! It's not greasy a smells nice too! Every purchase of this bottle supports their at-risk youth who are working and studying for a brighter future.

The Messy Bessy Fruit and Veggie Sanitizing Wash, This wash is made from the banana extract and contains a proprietary sanitizing concentrate. Spray this wash on your fruits before biting into them or preparing your salad to help against bacteria and viruses. It's perfect for eating food that is nutritious, clean, and organic! Every purchase of this bottle supports our at-risk youth who are working and studying for a brighter future.

By purchasing and continuing to use environmentally friendly goods can bring multiple health benefits. At the end of the day, any harm to our environment that we can prevent is an amazing thing and a lot less to our digital footprint.

Shopee's Shop Green campaign is a great way to celebrate Earth Day by purchasing sustainable products and eco-friendly options from Messy Bessy. From April 19 to 25, you can save up to 25% on a variety of eco-friendly items!

Get Messy Bessy products for a discounted price on Shop Green!

If you haven't yet, download the Shopee app on Google Play and the Apple store.

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