Sunday, April 11, 2021

5 Reinvented Instant Noodle Recipes To Try For Your Perfect #SummerEats

You can find just about any flavor of instant noodles to satisfy your taste buds, from spicy to seafood, and even cheese. There are also instant versions of favorite noodle dishes from around the world, including ramen, laksa, and soba. Whether as a quick snack or an easy meal on a busy day, instant noodles is a favorite food of many people, regardless of age, gender or nationality. So TikTok brings you instant noodles like you've never seen before!

Just in time for National Instant Noodle Day on April 11, we've rounded up some unique takes on instant noodles that foodie creators have shared on TikTok. These make perfect #SummerEats, too, for those looking for food ideas beyond the usual cold, fruity fare that is popular during the summer months. Get your water boiling, and your tastebuds ready for these creative instant noodle dishes!

Instant Noodles Pizza
Instant noodles as pizza crust? This TikTok foodie mom makes it happen!

Instant Noodles Sushi Roll
Enjoy fusion food? Try this Filipino-meets-Japanese, noodle-filled sushi roll recipe.

Instant Noodles Cheesy Ramen
This hearty leveled-up version of cheese ramen has shiitake mushrooms, sausages, and egg.

Bacon and Egg Waffle Ramen
Ever wondered if you can cook ramen in a waffle maker? You can with this recipe.

Instant Noodles Bread Roll
Pinoys love eating instant noodles with bread, and this dish takes the classic pairing to a whole new level.

TikTok is a great creative platform where foodies can express themselves through their cooking content. More and more creators are sharing their recipe videos featuring the best dishes to indulge in over the summer, using the #SummerEats hashtag, which now has over 253M views on the app.

You, too, can share your own unique and creative #SummerEats videos or check out the best ones on TikTok, and try making them yourself. Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today to get started.

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