Friday, August 28, 2020

Why Salmon HQ Sushi Bake is Not Just a Must Try!

So much quarantine food trends have emerged recently. From Dalgona coffee to Ube Pandesal to Cheesy Donut and the most recent one— the sushi bake!

If you are into Maki rolls, then you'll definitely love Sushi bake, baked Sushi or whatever :) 

I'm pretty sure since the lockdown you've spent longer times browsing through your Facebook or Instagram and this latest "food trend" is the star amongst them all. Let me add — "current" food trend rather coz you know Filipinos are "Filipinos" haha! Sure ako you know what I mean. 

So are you in a quest in looking for the yummiest Baked Sushi? If you are. you might want to try Salmon HQ. I could definitely describe it in one word: 


No kidding, no bola guys! It's not your typical sushi bake that you tried and bought from your Facebook Buy and Sell Food Community. Ibang klase! GRABE 3000x — hindi ko talga mabilang how many times I uttered "grabe" while eating, haha! Ang sarrrrrrap nya! 

What we had was Crunchy California Bake (Small - Php 500, Large - PhP 1,200 ) and Aburi Scallop, Salmon, Ebi Sushi Bake ( Small- P700, Large - P1,600 ).

Normally, a typical Sushi bake is like the one that you have with maki. Its ingredients are sushi rice (white rice mixed with Japanese vinegar) with your choice of toppings – kani (crabstick), salmon, Japanese mayo, cream cheese, and with an add on option of hot sauce for a spicy kick – all served atop one another on a tray that comes with Nori (seawood) separately served on the side. 

Salmon HQ's Crunchy California bake is hindi tinipid ng Kani.

It's actually loaded with shredded kani and packed with mangoes, ang damiii talaga! Hindi ko alam but there's this certain twist na hindi ko ma explain—it's super tasty, sobra! 

With Salmon HQ's Aburi Scallop, Salmon and Ebi baked Sushi naman — nadagdagan na ang grabe ko. Nasa "omigod " levels na sya with my first bite pa lang.

The tray is packed of all my favorites: Chunks of Salmon, a generous amount of shrimp, hindi ko mabilang sa dami ng roe, and super filled pile of shredded kani. 

How to eat it? 
Just scoop a spoonful of the sushi bake onto your sheet of nori, fold it like a roll, then boom — it's like you're eating the best species in the seafood world.

Ultimately, the Crunchy California Bake and Aburi Scallop, Salmon & Ebi Baked has a creamy, tasty, and savory explosion of flavors in one! 

Ang sarap talaga, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Sobrang famous po talga netong Baked sushi mommy. bukod sa masarap super crunchy pa po sya.๐Ÿ˜‹ Worth the price po tlga sulit na sulit. Mouth watering po tlaga na uulit uulitin mo. ๐Ÿ˜Š Highly recommended po tlga etong baked sushi ng Salmon HQ.๐Ÿ˜Š