Thursday, August 20, 2020

3 Creative Methods to Use Handmade Rugs in your Home

The exquisiteness of handmade rugs is known far and wide. They not only make for an ideal home décor item but also act as an element to make the space cozy and warm. The endless hours of creativity and hard work using different threads and weaving styles make every corner of a handmade rug special in its own way. Different countries around the world make special designs. You can come across some very popular designs among the many including Persian, Jaipuri, and Turkish.

With the Industrial Revolution providing an all-new dimension of quickly producing items, the manufacturing of handmade rugs suffered quite a huge blow. Most importantly, the industrially manufactured items started to be cheaper in price which became an easy choice for people to purchase. However, with developing times and the need to secure different types of traditional crafts, people are getting inclined towards investing in handmade goods. And among the many, handmade rugs have become a popular choice.

Despite the price being on the higher side unlike the machinery ones, their demand is extremely huge. What makes traditional handmade rugs popular is also because when given space, they can be used in multiple ways. Of course, their primary usage is for covering the floor to give it a pleasant look, there are other methods too to emphasize the designs. Here are three of the unique ways that any person can choose to start with:

Decorative Wall Piece: You can use creatively designed rugs as a decorative wall piece in your living area or other such spaces. Choose the perfect size for the same and either hang the piece directly with the use of nails or frame it.

Staircase Cover: For interior staircases, you can choose to lay an elaborate piece of the carpet to keep it clean and attractive. They will act as a focal point on the stairs and can be completed with pretty pots on the sides. However, ensure that if the color of the stairs is dark, then the color of the rug is light so that it is noticed effortlessly.

Distinguish Different Rooms: You can use different designs of rugs to distinguish the different rooms of your home. For example, spread one handmade Samad Rugs on the floor of your bedroom while a contemporary one can be used as a centerpiece in your kitchen. Depending upon the size of the room and the available number of items, you can choose to experiment.

Apart from the indoor spaces, many people also love the idea of spreading a satisfying sized rug in their patio and other such outdoor spaces. However, only a good quality rug is purchased, especially for outdoor spaces. A good quality product will have the work and materials intact and ensure that it won’t wear out even with regular exposure. It is also essential that you take every possible measure to keep them in shape and clean. This way, you will be assured of not letting your money go to waste and be able to take in the delight of your precious rugs.


  1. We also use handmade rugs at home. Traditional designs of rugs are beautiful, but we are only using plain colors &o design of rugs. Thanks for sharing us this, mommy Jaimie ❤️

  2. Maganda po tlaga mommy pag may rug sa bahay. Nakaka dagdag ng Ganda.
    Maganda nga po Yun mga handmade rug momsh kahit medyo pricey po sya compared sa Ibang mga rugs worth it naman po ang price kasi maganda gamitin.😊 Thank you for sharing this tip mommy Jaimie. 😉😍

  3. Kinalakihan na talaga namin na may rugs sa loob ng bahay naman momshie nakakadagdag din ng kagandahan sa loob ng ating tahanan ❤❤

  4. Kami po lagi my rugs sa bahay lalo n sa my banyo mdalas dun po kc laging basa