Thursday, August 27, 2020

Get up to 20% off on Beach Hut products during Shopee’s Beauty and Health Fair from Aug 30 - Sept 1

I may be physically stucked at home but really - - I am mentally ordering my third watermelon shake at the beach in El Nido!

Miss mo na din mag-beach?? I know you're excited to go back to the beach so better stock up on your Beach Hut faves while it's on sale at Shopee's Beauty and Health Fair this coming August 30 to September 1! You can get up to 20% off on Beach Hut Products for maximum protection, maximum fun when we finally go on beach trips! 

Mabuti na and ready as always! Check out these Beach Hut Variants:

Beach Hut Max SPF 100++ with MICRONIZED ZINC OXIDE is insanely light on skin, quick drying, and gives you that non-messy, non-sticky sheer feeling while offering up to 99% maximum protection from UVA/UVB rays that causes sunburn, skin cancer and skin darkening.

Get this with 20% discount. Php 423.00 previously priced at ₱529.

"Why pump ten times when you can press once for an even and continuous sunblock spray? 

Beach Hut MAX 100++ SPF Ice Summer Aerosol makes easy even easier, with a touch of COOL BURST CRYSTALS. This one's best for the lazy ones! Application will take less than 20 seconds, even leisurely with that icy feeling!" 

Get this with 20% discount. Php 519.00 previously priced at ₱649.

Beach Hut Premium Tanning Dry Oil SPF0 is a pleasure to slather all over the body! Achieve an even rich glow of golden tan hues in no time. We go beyond providing you a perfect tan with out special tanning formula infused with Moroccan Argan Oil. Completing your tanning experience are the warm aromas of Coconut and Macadamia Oils that will instantly provide peace and relaxation. 

Get this with 20% discount. Php 440.00 previously priced at ₱550.

Stay longer under the sun with extreme protection at SPF 100++. Beach Hut MAX offers the highest sun protection factor among other clear spray sunblock brands in the market. Experience maximum protection without the sticky and oily feel, only with Beach Hut Max 100++ SPF.

Get this with 20% discount. Php 439.00 previously priced at ₱549.

Beach Hut is the first all-fun sunblock that provides you with hair-to-toe protection from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays without the mess. 

It is made with SPF ranging from 4-100, there’s always one to match your lifestyle. Whatever adventure you have in mind, make sure to always have Maximum Protection, Maximum Fun with Beach Hut! So whether you are just enjoying a little splash at your mini pool or already planning your "not-so-soon" beach trips, either way, you need to wear your sunscreen to make sure that you are really protected.

Stock up now while it's on sale! There's more other Beach Hut variant when you browse at Beach Hut Official Store on Shopee. 

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