Monday, August 24, 2020

NIKS Skin: The Newest Fast-Rising PH Local Skin Care brand

How do you treat your skin nowadays? I know we have been very busy, suddenly our world turned upside down for most of us, a lot lost jobs, our children suddenly shifted to distance learning and most of us are suffering skin care problems due to stress or to some— because of "mask-ne".

Different strokes for different folks talaga. If there's one that I could name that most people learned in this time of pandemic is that it became an opportunity for enrichment. One on the list is to focus more on self-care: it became a chance to make up for those missed moments of pampering, of thoroughly looking at their skin and assessing properly its needs and personal, spiritual, and mental learning. Another is to create opportunities by looking for more or new channels of income because if there’s one thing this pandemic has taught everyone, it is the value of having a plan b. 

Nagamit ko both, self-care, personal enhancement of skills, and creating opportunities for new channels of income. Napagsabay ko sila which lead me to discover NIKS miracle mousse and I tell you it made wonders to my skin. 

I was a user of this even way before when its brand name was still Lily’s touch. Niks Skin is now an improved version of Lily’s Touch, with better marketing strategies and products. No wonder ang ganda ng effect sakin ng Mousse. Kasi dati pa, it really gives me that kakaibang glow.

What can it do? It’s an all-around skin mousse with SPF 50 that helps reduce the risk of sunburn, promotes wound healing, soothes skin inflammation, stimulates collage production, removes dead skin cells, has anti-aging properties, helps fight cellular damage, moisturizes the skin, and good for skin asthma. It has an instant whitening effect that that gives you fairness and clarity in just 7 days. It has an instant whitening effect that that gives you fairness and clarity in just 7 days. Recommended as a maintenance cream after using Niks Set. Safe to use by pregnant and lactating mothers. 

The mousse can be used to address the following skin problems: Dull complexion, Dark underarms, Discoloration, Melasma, Acne, Blemishes, White/Black heads, Bite marks, Skin asthma, Rashes, Dark Elbows, Dark knees, Dark nape, Pigmented intimate area, Dark under eyes. It's SRP is 550php.

Currently with the brand name NIKS Skin- aside from the mousse, they now carry other range which promises rejuvenation, a miracle soap which clarifies and detoxifies skin impurities. They also have an upcoming nurture kit which is basically a maintenance set that is milder and ideally used after Niks Skin Kit together with Miracle Mousse.

The other skincare range in full details: 

Rejuvenates skin by clearing the complexion of problems such as pigmentation and breakouts. 

Get glowing, glass skin in just 7 days. The set contains 100g Power Soap, 60ml Toner, 10g Peeling Cream, and 10g Sun Cream.

It is a detoxifying and clarifying soap that has antibacterial properties and natural exfoliants to help remove dead skin cells and other impurities. 

It helps with the extraction of dirt and sebum. Black Soap can also help treat psoriasis and eczema, acne discolorations, and dry, cracked skin. 

It's a maintenance set that is milder and ideally used after Niks Skin Kit and together with Miracle Mousse.

Niks Skin Nurture Kit is safe for sensitive skin and even for lactating and pregnant mothers. 

I am happy I get to discover NIKS Skin kasi with the presence of the brand now, they have this goal to empower everyone. They want to empower you by improving your skin and improving your life with Niks Skin through beauty and entrepreneurship. Two avenues of enrichment tied by one goal: EMPOWERMENT. It's a glowing opportunity actually!

Niks Skin aims to give everyone a chance to become an entrepreneur through Reselling. To date, Niks Skin has a base of 350++ resellers and distributors, and it is growing day by day! Thanks to the Internet that has opened a lot of opportunities for many, Reselling has become one of the fast- rising income channels online today and many have turned to this as a sideline or as a full career. 

With just a minimum investment, you can start your own Niks Skin business. Here are the various businesses packages that you can invest in with Niks Skin: 

RESELLER (must order from sub-distributor): 
- 5+1 Free (P2,750.00)
- 10+3 Free (P5,500)
- 20+10 Free (P11,000)

SUB- DISTRIBUTOR (Must order from Area Distributor, if available, no contract) 
- 50+30 Free (P27,500)
- P100+70 Free (P55,000)

CITY DISTRIBUTOR (P305 only for a minimum of 500 pieces) 
- Choose one area (exclusive) 

PROVINCIAL DISTRIBUTOR (P275 only for a minimum of 500 pieces) 
- Choose district (exclusive) 

REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR (P200 only for a minimum of 2,500 pieces) 
- Choose region (exclusive) 

Distributors must maintain a minimum monthly order of 3 consecutive months to qualify for a contract. Once distributors secure a contract, the partner will be the official district distributor for a period of 6 months, renewable). Failure to comply will result in the termination of the contract and the area will be reopened to a new distributor applicant. Reseller status will still be retained. 

All these— all of which to be credited to Nicole Ablan the woman behind the brand, a woman with a passion for beauty and a vision to enable every Filipino to become self-sufficient through entrepreneurship. Armed with her dreams and vision, Nicole set out to create Lily’s Touch in 2013, her first breakthrough brand in the local beauty-reselling industry. Well-loved by Filipinos, beauty influencers, and even celebrities, Lily’s Touch, particularly the Miracle Cream, became a huge hit and sold millions in the Philippines and around the world, and still remains well-loved by many. Lily’s Touch has gained recognition here and abroad, and its products and business model eventually became a benchmark for many local beauty brands that came after. 

And currently, when the pandemic hit this 2020, Nicole felt another calling to help and create change in the lives of Filipinos whose livelihood and security have been affected. Niks Skin was born out of a mission to help those who lost their livelihood get back on their feet; with just a low investment and products backed by her expertise in the beauty industry, Niks Skin presents an attractive financial opportunity with great skincare products to empower our kababayans from the inside out. 

Niks Skin products are FDA approved and use only safe ingredients. 

For more information about the products and reselling terms and conditions, please visit Niks Skin on Facebook, on Instagram @niks_skin_enterprise, and their official website.

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