Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Your Footwear Defines Your Character, So Choose Wisely!

A lot of things in life around you determine certain qualities that you possess while others are shaped by your personality. Every action makes people form a judgment about you. Whatever you do or say gives people an idea about the type of personality you have. Similarly, what you wear also speaks volumes about you. Shoes, especially in this matter, are known to clearly define you as a person. As the famous saying goes ‘you can judge a man by his shoes’, it is also true for women. So let’s have a look at what different shoes and sandals say about the woman wearing them.

Elegant and classy footwear such as stilettos and pumps always make you look fashionable if carry it off properly. Mostly heels are for party wear and formal occasions when you have to dress up. Wearing heels put into contrast your trendy and fashionable personality. It shows that you are confident, self-aware and stylish.

Comfortable and smart, flats are usually known to be semi-fashionable. They’re the perfect mix of comfort and fashion. Mostly worn with semi-formal outfits, flats are the preferred footwear for most of the casual events. Wearing flats might make you look like a person who likes comfort but also cares about the looks. You might seem like someone who is ready to dress up but not too much. Practicality is what some people might see in you.

Comfort is quite the enemy of fashion. Comfortable things usually do not have a very good fashion index. Sneakers used to be the same for women. Women wearing sneakers used to be singled out as someone who does not follow fashion or the latest trend. Though times have changed now. Sneakers have been revolutionized and you can read this Fabletics review to see how fashion and athletic wear have now been combined. Sneakers can now give you a very sporty and fashionable look. Your sporty and a fitness-freak personality can be accentuated by wearing a pair of fancy sneakers.

Slippers aren’t always bland and flimsy. Slippers, if worn properly can look really good with some outfits. Some really fashionable slippers can make you look really trendy even though mostly slippers give out a very carefree outlook. You might seem like a person who does not take much time dressing up and does not follow trends. You would definitely be singled out as a person who believes in comfort much more than fashion.

Formal shoes
Formal shoes for women were looked down upon before globalization and industrialization. Though things have changed now and formal women’s footwear has become an important and revenue-generating part of the fashion industry. Formal shoes give you the appearance of a person who means business and is formal in her ways. It also shows that you are a working woman and you stand equal to a man. Wearing formal shoes is a mark of a strong-headed and a serious woman.

Footwear, even though it is worn at the lowest part of the body, determines a lot about you and how you are as a person. Keeping some of these discussed points in mind can help you a great deal in selecting the ideal footwear for you that compliments your personality.

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