Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Simple Ways to Save Water: Every Drop Counts

When quarantine orders were released last March in response to the threat of COVID-19, our water provider was able to suspend the implementation of the daily water service interruption following the announcement of the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) to increase raw water allocation for Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

I know that this move was crucial and very helpful to all of us especially now that we have to be more conscious of our hygiene in our mission to beat and help prevent the disease from infecting us. Now, more than ever, water is very important to us consumers.

Nevertheless, even if we wash our hands frequently, we CAN and WE MUST still be efficient and conscious in the use of water. WHY? Because water demand continues to increase (lalo na ngayong may COVID-19, I’m sure napapadalas din ang paghuhugas n’yo ng kamay at pagligo tuwing galing sa labas) but our water source remains the same. Let’s not forget that water is a finite source.

With this, I highly encourage everyone to use water efficiently as we simultaneously prioritize activities that are critical to the health and cleanliness of our family. 

Since the implementation of community quarantine, and COVID-19 cases started to increase in our country, we have been using more water for activities that maintain our safety and cleanliness. These include the following:
  • Washing our hands frequently. We also make sure that we finish one happy birthday song every time we wash our hands.
  • Taking a bath after going out for grocery runs. Before interacting with the family members, our “alay” for grocery run takes a bath first as a precaution.
  • Washing of clothes and shoes which were used outside of our home. What’s scary about COVID-19 is that we can’t see the virus, thus, we follow the tip of DOH to wash the clothes that we used outside separately.
  • Sanitize our home. We use a homemade disinfectant on the frequently touched surfaces at home.
And since we are aware that we are using more water on these activities, we decided to conserve water in other activities.

Conserving water is easy to do. Start by thinking about the ways you use water every day. You drink water. You use water to clean dishes, wash clothes, brush your teeth, and wash your body.

And as a mom, teaching my daughter the value of water especially in this time of pandemic and the importance of conserving water is essential.

Here are some simple tips we can apply at home as we also teach our children to save water: 
  • Take a shorter bath. An option is to use a bucket instead of a shower. 
  • Use glass when brushing teeth. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth 
  • Teach your kids to close taps tightly when not in use. 
  • Have a special water cup or bottle so there will be fewer dishes to wash. 
  • Instead of using flush, use your bath water in flushing. 
  • Turn on the tap when they need to rinse them and not while they are applying soap to their hands. 
  • Teach kids to be leak detective. Let them tell you or an adult once they see a broken pipe. 
  • Instill to the kids that THEY are a water saver because they can also save water just like grown-ups 
  • Fill the sink with clean water to wash dishes, instead of letting it run. 
  • Water your plants early in the morning or late at night. 
  • Wash vegetables and fruits in a bowl of water and use it later for watering your plants. 
  • You may collect rainwater which may later use to water the lawn or wash the car. 
  • Use water wisely especially when it comes to the health and sanitation of the family. 

Moms, we don't need to wait for our kids to be grown-ups before we train them to start taking care of our precious water— they can start now. Remember, our water supply is finite, and we all know that water is one of the earth’s most valuable resources. It is a very valuable commodity that shouldn't be wasted, thus CONSERVING WATER is A MUST and IT SHOULD START AT HOME. And if we start teaching our kids the proper way of using water at an early age, this would also help them develop habits that they will for sure acquire in their lifetime.


  1. Thanks for the tips momsh.Ako po tinuturuan ko talaga mga kids kung paano gamitin ng tama ang water ,kasi water is life talaga !

  2. Nakailang refill si Tam ng pang dilig? :) Mabuti yan matuto sya mag-conserve ng water para alam nya ang importance..