Monday, June 29, 2020

In keeping silver linings in your life

There are many factors that cause stress and anxiety to a person all the more with our situation right now. Fear and anxiety about a new disease and what could happen to one's future can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions not just in adults but also in children too! Pandemic indeed can be too stressful for some people. 

For sure you already heard the many negative effects of what stress can do to our whole being. To name, these are
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns.
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating.
  • Worsening of chronic health problems.
  • Worsening of mental health conditions.
  • Increased use of tobacco, and/or alcohol and other substances.
  • Fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones, your financial situation or job, or loss of support services you rely on.
Before this hullabaloo about the Pandemic, I am already experiencing the first three on the list above. Then came COVID — omg, all my symptoms got worst! Plus I get super grumpy to the point that I think I need to consult professional help to help me control my anger management issues. 

Honestly, those were the days where I had a hard time holding on. I often find myself suddenly in tears out of nothing. I know I am super trying hard to be positive about the current situation just to keep me sane during those times. Until I received a message from a friend and told me about the IAMBAND Bracelet.

She told me briefly that it's a spiritual bracelet made specifically to stop bad luck, negativity and anxiety.

Whoa! Seriously, it's something I really need. But, my question was — does it really work? She said I wouldn't be able to testify unless I try.

I gave in — she went ahead and sent me one to try and experience myself.

So what does IAMBAND spiritual bracelet do? Let me tell you more about it:

It Blocks Negative Feelings - Negative thoughts will begin to have less power over you as you begin to experience a sense of well-being.
Blocks Out Negative Spiritual Influences - It destroys any harmful energies that are being directed against you without your knowledge. You can say goodbye to your haters and those who are full of envy.
Creates Positive Energy-As the Band blocks negativity, it also generates a strong aura of positive energy to move your life forward in the right direction. Opportunities will begin to open, and your outlook will attract even more good things as you remove the negative influence and enjoy the positive energy 
Boosts Health - Because as you feel more positive about yourself, you will enjoy better health.

So is it real or reel? 

The Bracelet is known to block negativity as it reinforces positivity in one's life. Without any hesitation and after almost a month of wearing it - -  indeed it has changed my outlook in life! I no longer experience those alone crying moments, less grumpiness, and yes even my sleeping patterns slowly normalized.

Don't get me wrong —the changes did not happen overnight. It gradually happens one day at a time. I still get mad but not as easily as the anger of a "monster mom" I once had. And each time I would come across some negative thoughts, I could feel a great difference in terms of calmness. 

Sounds amazing? It indeed is.

Remember, negative situations happen all the time and we can’t avoid them so always look at the positivity in life. Believe me, it's just around us, you can find it easily through :
  • The ones you love
  • The things that make you happy
  • Your goals and dreams
  • The activities that make you feel lighter
  • The fulfillment of a finished task
Honestly, I did have a hard time believing at first. But with all the positive things that I experience ever since it came, who am I to deny such a beautiful experience. 

For more info you can visit them at ~ For instant updates, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find them on Shopify, and Shopee.

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