Saturday, August 31, 2019


A viral cat video has been making the rounds in social media which featured the 1954 song “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes matched with a 9-split screen TikTok filter. Some users even captioned it as the “best thing on the internet today.”
Days after, it was a corgi doing the same routine and Filipino netizens can’t help but share the overwhelming cuteness of these furry creatures. No doubt the  koala version would go viral, too.
But why do Pinoys fancy pet videos and memes?
Our appreciation and love for animals is so great that the Philippines ranked 5th in dog ownership worldwide based from the statistics of Australian pet insurer, Petsecure. There is an estimated 11.6M dogs who have Pinoy pet parents. Bantay (guard) and Muning are no longer common names for dogs and cats, respectively. We now give “hooman” names to our pets and treat them as part of the family.
This extreme fascination extends to our appreciation to pet memes and videos. Adults can agree that in the midst of the hectic schedule and overwhelming workload, a cat meme is a visual stress ball.
Why not take your meme game to the next level create the next viral pet video? Here’s how: 
DOWNLOAD the TikTok app which is available for iOS and Android.
SOUND: Tap ”Discover” and search for “Mr. Sandman”. You know you have the right song if it starts with a rhythmic clapping.
FILTER: Some TikTok accounts have the 9 screen Delay filter. In the latest version though, if you weren’t able to save the Delay filter, the closest you get is the Hexa-Delay which is limited to a 6 split screen effect. Don’t worry because it will still be equally fun and entertaining.
SHOOT: Record the video in a safe space where your furry friend will likely be comfortable. Remember, this video is about having fun and bonding with your pets. No animal or human shall be harmed.
Hit the record button and enjoy! If you don’t get the timing right the first time, you can always retake. Or just leave it as it is. Pets have a way to make challenge fails cute and adorable!
SHARE: Of course, the whole world can’t get enough of animal videos that’s already in the internet! Upload your video on TikTok and use the hashtag #MrSandmanChallenge so other users can easily track your video. Go and flex your furbabies!

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