Tuesday, August 06, 2019


Raise your hands if the rainy season has also become a challenge when it comes to drying your laundry. I know that you would agree on me too that drying clothes outdoors is out of the question already thus, bringing them indoors after washing becomes commonplace.

Most moms would definitely say yes when I say that hanging freshly washed clothes indoors can leave a distinct and unpleasant odor. Moreover, wet clothes can cause a build-up of bacteria making them unsafe especially for infants.

With this, Beko Philippines, Europe’s leading brand of washers —through this blog, would like to extend some simple tips to keep our clothes clean, fresh-smelling and safe to wear:

Use Fabric Conditioner
Soak clothes in fabric conditioner during the rinse cycle. Fabric softeners not only leave clothes soft, but it also leaves them smelling fresh even if hung out to dry indoors preventing that all-too-familiar and unpleasant “kulob” odor. There are also fabric conditioners that have anti-microbial properties that leave clothes not only fragrant but bacteria-free.

Hang Clothes Properly
Where you hang them in the house also helps. Look for an area where there is good ventilation so the clothes get as much air as possible. Never hang them in cramped and enclosed spaces. Heavy pieces, such as jeans, towels, and carpets should be placed near the windows where air flows through. It is also worthwhile to ensure that the room where they hang in get good ventilation overall.

Give them a good wringing
Before you hang them, make sure that you’ve given them a thorough wringing. Clothes that are still quite wet not only dry longer, but they also smell bad even when already dry.

Choose the right dryers
Lastly, invest in the right dryer. Choose a dryer that can eliminate bacteria that cause can be harmful to your family. What’s more, they also maintain the fresh smell of the fabric conditioners you use, so your clothes smell fragrant.

With Beko’s new 10kg. heat pump automatic dryer (DH10444RX0) — this features the latest technological innovation to help you keep your clothes fresh and your family safe from harmful pathogens while saving on energy.

The DH10444RX0 has the AquaWave® technology that generates a wave-like motion using a set of paddles to increase drying performance as it moves garments around.

It also optimizes the drying cycle with an OptiSense® technology, a technological innovation that lets you choose between three smart sensors for drying clothes, with one sensor automatically stopping the machine when the right level of dryness has been achieved.

Beko’s DH10444RX0 keeps you clothes crease-free with its Auto Anti-Creasing feature that spins clothes gently with a gentle drum action.

Lastly, the DH10444RX0 comes with a Child Lock feature to prevent young ones from changing the settings on the dryer.

Beko Philippines advocates for healthy living through the technologies installed in their appliances. The company’s refrigerators, washers, and ovens come equipped with advanced features that are designed to not only improve efficiency but also, optimize time, cost, and energy so that people can prioritize their health and wellbeing.

Check out Beko home appliances at your nearest SM Appliance Center and Robinsons Appliances store for the best seasonal offers and discounts.

To learn more about Beko and the technologies in their appliances, visit their website at http://www.beko.ph/ or follow them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bekoph/.

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  1. Laking tulong talaga momshie.. Pag may dryer lalao na ngayon at tag ulan hirap magpatuyo ng damit.. Beko ang gandang brand biyan