Thursday, November 15, 2018


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In these times when we all wanted CHANGE —isn't it too cliche' since most of us do not start the change within ourselves. Now that I have been seeing a number of political marketing campaigns once again, I guess this is a high time to contemplate. Yes, it's true that election gives us the opportunity to make changes, but the change doesn't start and end with us alone.

You may opt to vote or not vote but always remember that our ONE VOTE is important because voting is not only a privilege, it is a duty.  All the more so if we went out and did our part to influence others to vote wisely. This means: being informed of the character, competence, courage of conviction of the candidates; casting your vote; safeguarding your ballot and ensuring it is counted. 

What we should do when we identify the best political candidate:

  • A voter must be encouraged to look at the reform agenda or platform of the candidates'.
  • We must check their track record, and values rather than the entertainment they provide during the campaign. 
  • Do they have at least a public service record?
  • We should use our heads and not our emotions.
  • We should be able to Judge their credibility and integrity in terms of how efficient they have served their constituents; not for their popularity but for their educational achievement and moral character. 
  • We should also look for a competent candidate who will really dedicate their careers to service. 

When you have clearly understood and grasp all these — then your next step is to be a law-abiding citizen of our country. But remember: being a real good citizen does not just begin and end with voting. It means being part of the solution, not the problem. It means saying no to corruption, bribery, lying, cheating. ;)

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