Wednesday, November 14, 2018


A number of weeks ago, I participated with Foodpanda's Good Food Tour, their global campaign which is on its 9th leg. Foodpanda partnered with a well-known international non-governmental organization (iNGO) Action Against Hunger, an organization that aims to fight malnutrition, for the 9th run of Good Food Tour. This is my second time to join a tour, the first time was all about desserts in select restaurants in Alabang Town Center. 

Good Food Tour is actually a tour-riffic food crawl aims to give the participants the best food experience with the restaurant partners present in the event. The unique food choices in Good Food Tour are one of the highlights of the event. This food crawl is all about new food experiences, but not only that, foodpanda made sure that this event will also contribute positively to the community.

To give you a background, the iNGO, Action Against Hunger started a campaign called Restaurants Against Hunger wherein the participating restaurants have a dish from their menu they picked to be part of the campaign. In other words, every time a customer orders that specific dish from a restaurant partner, a portion of the profit goes to Action Against Hunger’s projects in the Philippines.

Foodpanda invited three amazing restaurants: Calderon, Alba and Old Spaghetti House who are participating in the Restaurant Against Hunger campaign to the Good Food Tour. These three restaurants are also available on foodpanda.

Calderon: Classic, Spanish

Calderon is one of the oldest Spanish restaurants in the Philippines and offers authentic Spanish cuisine. If you’re craving for Paella and other Spanish dishes, Calderon is definitely the best place to go.

Alba: Traditional, Artisan

The modern Castilian cuisine is of Alba is a must try! Alba has been perfecting their cooking style over the years and although not losing the Castilian culture in their food, they make sure that they also meet the demands of the now. If you’re searching for a unique food experience, where traditional meets modern artisan cuisine, try Alba.

The Old Spaghetti House: Homecooked, Italian

The Old Spaghetti House takes pride in its famous homemade food from their homemade recipes. Anyone who loves pasta or anything Italian is surely familiar with TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House). So go ahead and join Good Food Tour, eat TOSH’s good food while feeding the hungry.

Let's all join foodpanda and Action Against Hunger fight against malnutrition. Remember when you order delicious meals from these participating restaurants a portion of the profit goes to Action Against Hunger’s projects in the Philippines.

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  1. This is actually a nice campaign, while we get to enjoy our meal, we are able to help too. We love Old Spaghetti house and we were there few months ago and we'll surely come back. I hope there are more merchants to participate pa noh Ms Jaimie, the merrier the better plus malaking tulong din eto.