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We all know it, last Sunday, May 14 was Mother's day. It was also the birthday of Tammy so we kinda' have a different celebration for lunch and dinner that day. It was extra special to me because as I've shared in my blog last Sunday, I officially became a Mom on Mother's day. 💗You may view the whole post here in case you missed it.

Speaking of becoming a Mom, when we think of our Moms, diba one of the things that pop up our mind are the best recipes that she prepares on our table. I don't know why, but probably because of the instinct of our mothers who tend to be naturally caring. Diba they would always make sure that she feeds and give out the best for her family. Sabi nga nila, wala ng tatalo pa because our Mother's are the best kaya naman her cooking is the best din.

How bout you, where did you guys celebrated the most special day for your moms? 

We celebrated ours at SALU, the Filipino Restaurant located in Quezon City which is owned by Celebrity Couple ~ Romnick Sarmienta and Harlene Bautista.

Sakto naman, in line with the mother’s day celebration last May 14, Salu has launched its newest offering to families. Parang ang sarap to reminisce especially if you are coming home to the familiar scent of signature recipes that has been transferred from generations to generations diba? Salu owners, Romnick Sarmenta and Harlene Bautista, had this in mind when they thought of this newest experience that their restaurant is offering - LUTO NI NANAY

“Whenever we eat out, Harlene would always wonder how the dishes that we ordered was cooked, thinking maybe she can cook it at home too. So we thought why not give that experience to the guests of Salu? An opportunity to learn a new dish and cook for their families inside a professional kitchen” - Romnick Sarmienta


Dine in guests could choose from three set menu - Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. Where in each menu already contain a list of viands, rice and single served drinks. 

What could our dear Nanays expect from this? 

Moms would be asked  to cook at least two dishes from each set inside the Salu Kitchen,
thus the name Salu’s Luto ni Nanay.

Tita Mommy (mother-in-law of Jeffrey Santos, brother of Judy Ann Santos)
Last Mother's day, they invited moms for this experience. The mother-in-law of Jeffrey Santos was the representative of the guest moms. She got to cook, experience and feel Salu's Kitchen. She shared the recipe of her specialty (fish lumpia) which she demonstrated from preparation to cooking simultaneously.

To complete the learning experience, a Salu chef would assist the moms in their cooking, teach them techniques on how to make dishes better, tastier.

A hand painted apron will be provided to moms right after the said activity as their souvenir to keep for their unique culinary experience.

They invited all the guest moms to have a photo inside Salu's kitchen but I opted to have this photo instead. Aren't we all cute :)

We were served the Luto Ni Nanay, Mindanao Package (Tiyula Itum, Beef Kulma, Pyanggang na Manok) + some more of Salu's specialty - buffet style.

Tiyula Itim, Salu's Signature Black Soup (source)

We started with their TIYULA ITIM— a sultry and spicy black soup made with juicy beef cuts and burnt coconut meat, which is a tasty match.

TRIVIA: ( I got this trivia from Salu's FB page) Tiyula means soup and Itum means Black. Its dark greenish black color is brought about by turmeric and burnt coconut, the key ingredients for this unique dish. it is often served during weddings or special celebrations.

BEEF KULMA, Philippines version of Beef Rendang

(Left: Pyanggang na Manok) | (Right: Fish Lumpia, Tita Mommy's recipe) 

Chicken Pianggang is a juicy chicken barbeque marinated and cooked in coconut milk. This is their version of curry, a Tausug dish from Southern mindanao.

Tiyula Itum, Beef Kulma, Pyanggang and Utak-utak are the same dishes that they served at the Madrid Fusion, the biggest culinary event in the country held last April 2017. This is where Salu was chosen to represent the ARMM region during the recently concluded event. They were dubbed as the only restaurant in Manila who serves a range of the most authentic Mindanaon dishes according to DOT.

SALU'S Binagoongang Lechon Kare-Kare
I've heard a lot of raves about Salu's Binagoongang Lechon Kare-Kare and if you'll ask me... medyo napadami ang kain ko — Binagoongang Kare-Kare FTW!!

A melt in your mouth Kakanin Treats
"Let’s all make this experience of cooking the most authentic Madrid Fusion dish to our nanays” - Harlene Bautista

Set meals range from Php2,000-Php2,500 good for 5-7pax. A very affordable package that is mixed with a valuable experience not just to the moms but to the whole family as well. 

Guests would need to call Salu’s hotline to reserve a slot for Luto Ni Nanay, 2821512, or contact them through their facebook fan page.

For more photos of Salu's Luto Ni Nanay last Mother's day, you may view it HERE.



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