Saturday, May 13, 2017


For all they’ve done and for everything they still do, our parents deserve all our love. But this May, we celebrate one of them – the selfless, compassionate, and resilient Mom. So when Mother’s Day comes around, let’s do all we can to make the mothers in our life feel special. One way to do that is by giving her a gift that endures – the gift of a happier life. Here are simple tips to make that happen.

Make sure to give Mom regular “Me Time”. At least once a week, your mom should have an entire day doing things that simply make her happy. Treat her to a weekly spa session, a great evening dinner, or a day trip in places she wants to visit. She deserves the much-needed break. 

Surprise her. A mom’s life can fall into dull, boring routines – especially if she’s juggling work and taking care of her family at home. A great way to break this cycle is by hosting a surprise party this Mother’s Day. Make an effort to gather her friends from all the periods of her life – make it a party that celebrates their lives spent together. 

Be there for her. Let’s always make it an effort to bond with the mothers in our life, and be an active part of their lives even as we grow into our own. Sometimes, the greatest act of love we can express is through the simple act of reaching out, even if we’re busy. 

Encourage her to start healthy habits. Between everything a mom does for her loved ones, some things might slip through the cracks. More often than not, it’s her health. To help her out, be on the look-out for her. Go on exercises with her – like jogging, going to the gym, or picking out a sport that both of you can enjoy. As much as possible, keep your diet at home healthy. And let’s not forget regular check-ups, just to make sure everything is truly okay. 

Aside from doing things that will surely tug at their heartstrings, give them a gift that can help make their life easier and healthier – such as Generika Drugstore’s MEDPadala. 

With this electronic gift certificate that you can buy from any Generika Drugstore, you can show her how much you care about her well-being. With it, she has a guaranteed budget for all her health needs. And paired with another great perk such as the Generikard, she can accumulate points that can serve as discounts every time she purchases what she needs at Generika Drugstore.

We all have many mothers in our life. They’re the ones that brought us to this world, raised us, our sisters, our friends, and those that we hold close to our heart. While we should be showing our appreciation for them every day, let’s go the extra mile this Mother’s Day. Make this year’s celebration unforgettable by giving the mothers in our life the gift of health through Generika Drugstore’s offerings and other value-added PLUS Services. To know more about Generika Drugstore, simply visit

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