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If you are fond of Vietnamese dishes, for sure you have heard and tried Annam Noodle Bar which has successfully debuted its first branch in the Philippines at Eastwood City last July 16, 2016. 

But hale dear Southies, because we too can now dine and be transported in the vibrant streets of Saigon as it has just opened its new outlet at Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Known as NamNam Noodle Bar in Singapore, the concept first launched in October 2012 and now has four outlets in the island-state, and four other locations in Jakarta, Indonesia.

So what's something to be excited about aside from it having an outlet in the South? 
Read on 'cause it's quite a list :)


Annam Noodle Bar's Revamped menu is just one of the many reasons to look forward to in the restaurant as they bring their NEW rice dishes to Filipinos.

To give you more on what to have when you dine, here's sharing you what's new and my take on some of their menus.


Annam’s contemporary rice dishes uses a long-grain variety, embodying both Vietnamese and Filipino flavours and ingredients as they feature various meat and seafood toppings in each dish. 

(Left) – Twice cooked Australian beef brisket with imperial roll, Php390. (Middle) —Crispy Fried Porkchop with steamed egg and meatloaf, Php340. (Right) — Crispy fried turmeric chicken, steamed egg meatloaf, Php340.
These new rice dishes are influenced from one of Vietnam’s most unique street food – "broken rice"

Good thing, the media launch happened just right before Ash Wednesday otherwise, I would not be able to try these ones. (Okay, so for everyone's knowledge, I gave up rice for lent). And I am really thankful that the launch really happened before my "sacrifice"! Ang Sarap kaya lahat! There's a kick that is just right in every bite. My favorite is the Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken!

There are about 5 new items on their Rice dish and these are the following:
-Crispy Fried Pork Chop with classic Vietnamese steamed egg meatloaf
-Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket with Imperial Roll
-Fried Fish Fillet in Tomato- Turmeric Sauce with Prawn Sugarcane
-Sauteed Pork Belly with Prawns and Fried Egg.
-Shaking Beef in Pepper Hoisin Sauce, or bò lúc lắc.  — Its tongue-in-cheek name is derived from the way the wok is “shaken” to sear the meat. The dish is served with thick cut fries – due to its influences from the French colonial period. 

Each bowl of Pho is packed with an intense broth broiled for atleast 24 hours.

At first I was hesitant it tasting it 'cause I had a terrible experience in one of the local Vietnemese Restaurant here in our Country. But then again, I told myself, why not try it, hindi naman ito yung restaurant when I had a bad experience.

So I indulge.

My favorite is their Bun Cha Hanoi — It is one of their new noodle recipe.  A mouthwatering dish with grilled marinated pork patty and pork belly with a side of crispy Mekong prawn roll. 

And my decision to try it was right. It made me want to long again for a Pho. haha! Sarap sarap!

Bun Cha Hanoi
crispy Mekong prawn roll

Another new in their Noodle recipe is the Soy Braised Chicken Noodle with Crispy Wonton and Mekong Prawn Roll. I guess my husband would love this one naman.


For those who are not familiar with Vietnamese dish, Bánh mì 's are French-inspired savoury Viet stuffed baguettes topped with traditional Vietnamese pickles, chicken pate, and fresh herbs.

At a first glance, I know that my daughter would love these bunch. She's a very picky eater and are not of eating rice.

(Upper left): Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket (Php250), (Upper right) : Smoked Salmon with Tofu and Cream Cheese (Php250), (Bottom) : Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken (Php230)

Annam has created these three new exciting flavours –
-Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket
-Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken
-Smoked Salmon with Tofu and Cream Cheese

Amongst all, Smoked Salmon with Tofu and Cream Cheese got a score of a perfect 10 from me. Why? It's the perfect combination of the Salmon, Tofu and Cream Cheese. Ginalingan masyado, kaya sya ang nanalo. haha! 

Kidding aside, everything are mouthwatering naman. It's just  that I am a big fan of Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese. And I just love how their pairing ended up sooooo delicious. Hays!

Smoked Salmon with Tofu and Cream Cheese (Php250)
One of the Ate staff said that Annam’s bánh mì is perfect for breakfast especially when paired with the signature Vietnamese coffee made from premium robusta coffee beans. 

I have noted Ate Staff's advice so I shall come back one of these days and will definitely spend my breakfast at Annam.


Annam’s wide variety of delicious small plate dishes is perfect as appetisers to start the meal or as sides to share with friends and family. 

I was able to try their Pomelo Salad with Prawns, Chicken and with assorted crackers. And I can call this a new bunch of Salad with a Twist. It's actually refreshing as you bite.

 Pomelo Salad with Prawns, Chicken 
with assorted crackers (Php280)

There's a number of existing small plates on their menu but they have come up with new ones and these are the following: 
-Pomelo Salad with Prawns, Chicken and Assorted Crackers
-Moreish Crispy Chicken Bites with Sriracha Mayonnaise
-Bánh Bao Buns – these are steamed buns stuffed with caramelised pork belly, egg, cucumber and scallion. 
-Caramelised Crispy Chicken Wings return with a new and improved recipe for a more irresistible taste.

Bánh Bao Buns (Php250)
Bánh Bao Buns are steamed buns stuffed with caramelised pork belly, egg, cucumber and scallion.

Selection of Viet street snacks, nước chấm (Php280)

To me, a meal is not complete if not matched with a good drink. So I suggest, when you dine at Annam, match it with any of their new selection of thirst-quenching beverages made with vibrant tropical fruits.

(From Left -Right) : Mango-pineapple sparkling (Php150), Passion-soursop sparkling (Php160), and Lychee-Lime sparkling (Php180 each) 
I ordered the Mango-pineapple sparkling as suggested by their dining staff and true enough, it was a different take on ones drink.

(From Left -Right) : Salted caramel-banana iced coffee (Php150), Pandan-red bean iced milk tea (Php150), Lychee-Lime sparkling (Php180 each), Mango-pineapple sparkling (Php150), and Passion-soursop sparkling (Php160)
Salted caramel-banana iced coffee (left most) and Pandan-red bean iced milk tea (2nd from left) will definitely be enjoyed should you be looking for a caffeine boost.


They also have dining deals that are available on weekdays. Start the day with the new breakfast set, available all-day, featuring brand new dishes inspired by Filipino’s favourite breakfast foods, made with a twist. The breakfast set comes with a choice of Viet coffee, lotus tea or tsokolate for P 250.

Value Lunch Set (Php350)
The weekday Value Lunch Set includes Fresh Southern Rolls (prawn with pork and vegetarian), a choice of Chicken or Beef slice Pho, and a drink. 

You can also an afternoon break with the Viet CàPhê Teatime Set that includes a drink with an option of any banh mi (P 200); fried Wings with thick cut fries (P 200); or a dessert for P 180.

Pho-filling Banh-dle Set (Php899)
Annam has also introduced buddy dinner set meals available from 6-9pm on weekdays. Indulge in a choice of two appetisers, choice of two pho noodles, and two drinks in the Pho-nomenal Buddy Meal (Php 999); or enjoy two appetisers and drinks with an option of a pho noodle and banh mi in the Pho-filling Banh-dle Meal.

Me with blogger friends —Ruth, Mhaan, Eidhra and Eeens

The Media Launch of Annam Noodle Bar at Newport Mall was last February 28. They officially opened to public last March 1, 2017. For more information, please visit or you may follow them on instagram at @annamnoodlebar —



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