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If you are my friend, you know that my constant obsession aside from my bags, lipstick, shoes and accessories is maintaining my hair. But before these obsessions lies my vanity in maintaining my hands and feet. Back in my college days, I would always try to do my own nails but I always end up a failure ~ so the verdict : I have no choice but to run to a salon and have it professionally done by an expert. 

I remember I had my first "professional" manicure and pedicure from a nearby salon within our neighbourhood. For 50pesos for a manicure and 80pesos for a pedicure, I get to have a 2-min hand massage + mani + 5-min foot soak + pedi + 3-min foot massage. Not bad right? But, but half way through of my manicure, I felt a pricking pain - shemay!!! Apparently, ate girl murdered not just one but all of my fingers. Shockers! I never went back to that salon. Sinumpa ko talaga!

Oh, but did I tell you I started doing this hand & feet vanity when I was in College so I really have a tight budget which answers why at that time, I have been in constant search for that perfect one. It has been years already since I graduated. I already found a job, got married, got promoted, had a daughter, resigned, had my own business. I never went back to that horrible salon ever and through the years, I found quite a number of "suki" salon /spa that have the real experts who does my mani and pedi.

Apparently, Nail-a-holics is one of them. 

Marine inspired decor, beach ambiance in blue walls and white accents are the trademark of Nail-a-holics Salon and Spa.

How do you feel when you are at the beach? Pure bliss right? That's one of the reasons why I keep on coming back at Nail- a-holics.

I remember, I still tag along the husby and we spa together. They used to have a promo where you will just pay PhP1008 for 2 persons already which both of you gets to have a mani, pedi, hand spa and footspa. Sulit diba. I would never forget this promo since I always ask them if they have it coz' sulit talaga.

My last visit with them was 2 weeks ago and I was with the daughter. Tammy and I were at MOA that time for some mum-daughter shopping bonding when I thought of magpa-spa coz medyo 1 month na din since my nails and feet had some tender lovin'. I got their Lush Lagoon Package (Php970) which includes Manicure +Pedicure + Foot Spa with Foot Massage. She got Palm Beach Pedicure-( P230.00) includes nail cleaning,shaping, cuticle treatment and polish, with an anti-bacterial foot soak and a restorative mini foot massage. View the complete list of their services *here.*

As always, they never fail to make my me-time special so I thought of sharing you a short review and the main reason why I come back: 


- They have quite a lot of accessible branch to start with. Yun 'bang kahit na bigla ka na lang naka-isip magpa-spa after you had coffee with your friends, eh nanjan na, may nail-a-holics na within your reach.
- I mentioned earlier, I always feel relaxed each time I visit them (because of the beach vibe!)
- That soft and comfy sofas doze me off to sleep. (I'm telling you, mahirap ako patulugin even at the comfort of my home, so plus points this one talaga sa kanila)
- Always clean (all the branches that I hopped into, walang mintis, malinis sila lahat)
- The staff(s) don't make chismis. (Serioso, call me maarte but I really hate staff(s) that makes chismis. Kaya nga pumunta ng spa diba para mag-relax. So chismis should really be out of the picture.)
- The staff always ask if I just want just the dry skin be removed. (Again, all the branches I've visited are like this) This is especially in my case because I really have very thin cuticles so if the nail technician is careless, it can easily be cut so sugat na my hands agad. 
- Staff(s) and even the Branch Manager always makes it a point that I am well -taken care of (they always ask how I'm doing etc etc. 
- They have a lot of services (packages) to choose from which are affordable and sulit as it is. 


-Pricey Gel Polish removal (yun lang!) Sana they could find a way to lower this one or free na lang haha, after-all, removal na lang naman diba.(well, sana, sana they can hear me out :) ... Teehee. 

If you are not fond of gel polish naman and if you would ask me, their services are sulit and at par with the spa salons in the metro. 


I need not make paikot-ikot pa. I LOVE Nail-a-holics! and I will keep on coming back no matter what. :)

Posh, soft and really comfy sofas!
As I have mentioned earlier, my last visit was 2 weeks ago. This time it was at their MOA branch and I was with my daughter Tammy. Ito yung sinabi ko earlier, na kahit biglaan, walang plano~ they are there and always they have a branch just within your reach. 

It was my first time to visit their SM Mall of Asia Branch and since we visited on a Sunday, I already expected it to be jam packed. And while its seems a very busy branch, the staff(s) managed to make our visit relaxing. ***Festival Mall, SM South Mall, SM Centre in LasPinas and Glorietta are the branch which I have tried prior to this visit and same experience, I could call it a sanctuary in the midst of a very busy City!

A special thanks to Mr. Alvin Amaro, Nail-a-holics Marketing Head who were so accommodating. (Hope he would be able to read this, hihi!) He was very helpful in assisting me for our appointment with a given 2 hours lead time lang for my intended preferred time! Salamat Sir! 

Shout out also to Edlyn, I think she is the branch head who accommodated us the moment we stepped inside and made sure we are well taken care of until the service got finished. Also, to the Nail Tech's Diorgie and Grace! Gracias Amigas, I had no sugat :) Teehee!



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