Thursday, October 20, 2016


With the almost every other week "Bagyo" weather that we are currently experiencing ever since the rainy season came in —for sure the last thing that you and I want to smell is that "amoy kulob" scent. And with the constant change in our weather, the hardest thing to maintain is to keep our home or (even our car) smelling fresh and clean. Yep, I heard you. I can even feel you 'cause the struggle is real. I know just how yucky that "kulob" smell could be.

Sure, there are air sprays available- but sometimes the smell is just too strong (especially when you leave the house) to a point that you are already tempted to leave your home with your windows open just to keep the air from circulating. But of course, you wouldn't do that unless you would want to say hello to the magnanakaws  and welcome them with open arms in your new home :) ~

Aaaaaand because I am particular when it comes to choosing a product, I am grateful when I discovered HannsGuard Dehumidifier.

HannsGuard Dehumidifiers removes excess moisture in the air, helping prevent damage to your things with mold and mildew stains. It contains charcoal, which is widely used as odor eliminator. 

Probably you have seen a charcoal inside your refrigerator - If it wasn't you who placed it there, it must be your mom just 'cause charcoal eliminates unwanted doors trapped in an enclosed space. (if you are to ask, yes, we have a charcoal inside our ref! haha!)

If you are the type who are fond of scents, HannsGuard Dehumidifiers, with Innoscents is for you. This variant leaves a light fresh scent aside from giving you a fresher and healthier air. (Mabango sya, I like it.)


Remove the plastic cover (the coloured w/holes)

Peel of the foil cover (note: Peel just the foil. Do not include the "white cloth" ) 

Put back the plastic cover with holes

That's it easy peasy!

You may use HannsGuard Dehumidifiers to anywhere where excess moisture and stagnant air are causing trouble

in your car

in your house

or to anywhere where excess moisture and stagnant air are causing trouble

Can you spot the liquid at the bottom of the container?

You'll be amazed at this one, 'cause I find it really cool!  That's what happened after using it for a few weeks. I'm assuming that the liquid is the accumulated moisture that was absorbed by the product. Pretty amazing and impressive huh!


If you experience that amoy kulob too, this one is definitely worth a try! 

Trust me cause there's this certain smell (which I really hate in my husby's pick-up truck) and I have been telling him about it forever. I actually told him to bring na his car to Ford way-way back 'cause I remember they once said that they can address certain odor if ever we encounter it (basta, something like may gagawin sila or ilalalagay lang sila and they can bring back the amoy "new" car again) - The husby has been ignoring my request, so I can't do anything but to make tiis and just settle with sprays not until I discovered the HannsGuard Dehumidifier. 

I have to admit, the husband thanked me cause it works! After using a tub of HannsGuard Dehumidifier in the car, the kulob smell was gone. So now, I am the " MISS POGI" in his life 'cause I was able to save him from paying thousands of pesos just to revive the "amoy bago" smell. (So now you know, why he was ignoring my requests in bringing his car to Ford for that smell! He sure was "nagkukuripot") haha! 

I also placed another tub in our kitchen~ and I'm really glad that there's no more stucked "amoy ulam" na!  

So if you want to keep your home or your car smelling fresh all day, use HannsGuard Dehumidifier too! 

You may heck out more of Hanns products from their official website, Like them on Facebook (hannsph) and be updated on their latest announcements. You may also follow them on Instagram (@hannsphilippines) #HannsPH :)



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