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SKIN STATION is the Philippines' leading clinic in painless diode laser hair removal (LHR), with 40 diode laser equipment, and over 45,000 LHR patients treated, to date.

I could still remember when I often come across them on facebook because I see a lot of raves about their underarm diode laser hair removal. Those were the times when the diode treatment was just on my wish list. Currently, I am now one of their avid client who patronise their effective and affordable services and products.

With that said, let me walk you through about SkinStation, how they started and all about the man behind this successful company.

SkinStation is a skin care company that combines nature and science to give you the best value in skin and body solutions. The latest in cutting-edge technology are available at SkinStation and their discerning clientele get to enjoy the latest in skin care innovations through their treatment procedures, such as slimming to anti-aging, whitening and firming, to their highly popular diode laser hair removal treatment, all at affordable prices and with guaranteed results.

Formerly known as Godiva Skin Station, the popular clinic chain has undergone rebranding to SkinStation under a new corporate ownership, My Sanctuary Wellness Center, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred and Carleen Reyes
Following the sale of their Godiva skin care business in 2010, founders Fred and Carleen Reyes have formed My Sanctuary Wellness Center, Inc. to run and manage the new and upgraded SkinStation.


Aside from state-of-the art equipment, SkinStation offers Dermax, their exclusive professional skin care product line. Dermax is formulated by SkinStation founder and CEO Fred Reyes, an award-wining chemist and recipient of the 2008 Achievement Award conferred by the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, and 2011 Outstanding Professional Award in Chemistry from the Professional Regulations Commission.

This is SkinStation Venice Grand Canal Branch

Overall design of SkinStation branches is tasteful and minimalist to promote relaxation, soothe the senses and calm the mind.

This is SkinStation Venice Grand Canal Branch
It has individual treatment rooms for utmost privacy, which their discriminating clientele require.

This is SkinStation Marikina Branch Reception Area
Courteous and friendly front desk personnel receive clients at the reception area. Doctors are available for consultation and doctor’s services. Aestheticians are well-trained and have years of experience in providing the best service every client deserves. 

SkinStation presently has 33 branches in the Philippines and will open more soon as they aim to address the growing skin care needs of urban sophisticates all over the country. Whether you are considering laser treatments or any of their signature facials, their goal is to provide customers with personalized treatments to reveal their best skin.

SkinStation is located at areas within your reach. For FULL LIST of branches, you may click here.

Experiments are nothing new for chemists. For chemist Fred Reyes, awardee of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) in 2011 as Outstanding Professional in Chemistry, the shift from skin care products to dermatological services was one big experiment.

Award winning chemist, CEO and Founder - Mr. Fred Reyes
Known already as the founder of a pioneering natural skin care company, Fred Reyes wanted to push the envelope in skincare to another level: by providing high-end dermatological services at affordable prices. In 1997, he was already successful in utilizing an extremely expensive but also extremely effective whitening active ingredient priced at Php 1 million per kilo in his award-winning natural skincare line. Not scrimping on costs in the ingredients he use made his cosmetics successful with a huge following.

He thought that maybe this formula might work in another industry. So on June 19, 2004, he put up the first SkinStation in far away SM Fairview. It was hard to imagine being successful in a mall surrounded then by "talahib" in the middle of nowhere. But to convince the mall operator that this untested concept would work, he had to be successful. SkinStation Fairview didn't cut back on the facials and diamond peels. And they charged only a fraction of the price of dermatologists. People started to take notice of the new skin center. And soon the number of cubicles couldn't handle the number of clients. The experiment seems to be working.

On August 8, 2005, another center was put up, this time in the busy Central Business District of Makati. SkinStation Bel-Air was constructed on the ground floor of the company's head office to be a refuge for stressed out Urban Sophisticates. The affordability of the services soon caught the attention of people in the area that the cubicles were already fully booked four months in advance. However this also caught the attention of dermatologists who were used to charging very high for their services, especially for diamond peels - the rage of that year. They complained that the company was destroying their market pricing. In the end, Fred's strong resolve that skin services should not be a luxury but a part of a daily regimen kept the industry from raising prices.

SkinStation embarked on expansion soon after. In 2007, SkinStation Robinsons Ermita Branch was constructed. In 2008, SkinStation opened three branches with Timog Branch opening in January 5. The other two branches were outside Metro Manila. SkinStation in SM Marilao opened it’s doors to clients in Bulacan, north of the metropolis, followed by a SkinStation in the south, in Tagaytay City, one of the popular vacation destinations of Manila urbanites.

With the growing number of SkinStation branches, Fred decided to establish the My Sanctuary Wellness Center, Inc. in November 2009 with SkinStation under its wing.

2011 saw the opening of SkinStation in Festival Supermall Alabang and in SM Mall of Asia. In 2012, SkinStation’s 9th branch found house in another SM’s prime location in SM City North EDSA. The company continued expansion in 2012 with its Shopwise Cubao branch and its first branch in the Visayas area located at SM City Cebu. In 2013, SkinStation took over former franchisees in Greenhills and Binondo and upgraded their line of skin services. 

At present, My Sanctuary Wellness Center Inc. has 33 SkinStation branches, 6 DERMAX Laser Centers, and 3 Blushing Beauty clinic, covering targeted market niches in a growing industry. 

Chemists need to reformulate to improve their products. 2010 saw a reformulation for SkinStation. A breakthrough in permanent laser hair reduction, the painless diode laser with super hair removal technology, was introduced to the market. Dermatologists and other skin clinics were charging an arm and leg for the treatment to quickly recoup their investments in the expensive laser equipments. Those who couldn’t afford had to make do with the pain of monthly waxing or the painful pulses of the obsolete Intense Pulse Light (which isn’t really a laser). Rather than join the bandwagon, SkinStation made this technology even more accessible by offering the treatment in all its branches with a much reasonable price that can rival even that of waxing.

A reformulation of the product line also happened in 2010. Skin Station started offering professional-grade skincare products under the DERMAX brand. Being a chemist, Fred's natural strength was in formulating products. But being restricted only to natural was no longer enough. To create concoctions that would be unrivalled in terms of effectivity, he had to embrace the newest application of science in skincare products - Nanotechnology. This would ensure that the actives would actually pass through the skin to enhance efficacy. If the anti-aging or whitening active doesn't penetrate deep into the skin, then clients are just throwing away money.

SkinStation is the only skin care center that is also a center for innovation in terms of making its own products. With a strong sense of excellence paired with practicality, the DERMAX Professional product line produced by SkinStation is at par, if not even better than its higher priced foreign competitors. What started as an experiment has evolved into an effective formulation that is SkinStation. But the experiment is still ongoing and you can surely expect more developments in the coming years.



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Photos from various SkinStation Grand Opening and Blessing 


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