Tuesday, October 28, 2014

STYLE | Posh Pink ~~ in support to the breast cancer awareness month

"October is breast cancer awareness month. Everybody knows about breast cancer and many worry about it. 
But all the worry and fear in the world is wasted energy and added stress if we don't take the steps to reduce our chances of getting cancer. 
And that means regular screening and early detection, as well as healthy lifestyle. " 

I read the article above from the herald news tweet. We all know that whatever type of cancer it would be, it definitely is deadly. Cancer is not something new to me since my Dad battled from the deadly illness and it still breaks my heart each time I look back the year my dad got diagnosed. It was already stage4 when it got detected so no chances of reversing everything.  But with breast cancer,  it is another story ~ It is often reversible. One could still be cancer free even if you have been diagnosed with it.
We have a modern technology nowadays --
With the right doctor, proper intake of prescribed meds and healthy lifestyle, one can be saved from the cancer's "death sentence". 

Moving over since I don't want to bring back so much pain in my heart ~ The outfit I'm featuring in this post is more on a casual street-style. I paired a peep shoulder knitted top to a
midi-cut ripped denim jeans and the very cute dog and cat flats courtesy of The Purpektion Shop. Since pink is such a girlie color, I took advantage of its girlieness and paired it with the soothing posh teal colored bag from GET TO GO BAGS. It matches my green ombre hair too right? This is my second bag from Get to Go Bags and I must say that it's made of finest quality materials. And if you are going to review the price range of their products, with the quality and materials used ~ it is definitely purchase worthy!

To sum it up, whether you are always a fan of the "it" trends or prefer to stick with the basics, at one point or another, you need to add soft colors to your wardrobe. Soft hues are a classic staple and are timeless enough. This make this tones wearable year after year and when styled just right, it can make one's look trendy and cool.

Hair Color | Lucky Princess
Top | M & Co.
Rubellite Tourmaline Necklace | HeyJaimieGirl
Midi-cut ripped jeans | Topshop
Belt | Dickies Clothing

We are aware about breast cancer already but are we DOING something to PREVENT it? SO BEFORE I END THIS POST,  I HAVE CREATED A SIMPLE TASK FOR MYSELF AND FOR YOU TO HELP INCREASE BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. If you wish to join in, wear something pink too in support for those who are suffering from the illness and for everyone to be more conscious and aware. Let's all encourage our mothers, sisters and friends to do the same. Hope you will join me loves!

Below is a photo of me wearing a pink top without wearing any make-up showing my full support for the breast cancer awareness.
Let's all hug awareness, do self - breasts exams monthly and have a regular check-up to our doctors. We can do it all together!

Xoxo, J

Special thanks to the hubz for the photos.
All images copyright to http://www.jaimiefelix.blogspot.com


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