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Tell me, in a rating of 1 to 10, with TEN being the highest - how would you rate yourself in being adventurous to coloring your hair? Obviously with me, I would definitely rate myself a BIG TEN in this category since I've done so many coloring to my hair.

From black to brown, to auburn, to light brown and just last summer, I went on having an ombre cherryred. When the color faded, I had it retouched to pink and the recent one was an ombre blonde. It was really a lot of fun but tell me about the expenses~ it really did hurt my pocket! ( one reason why I got stucked to being an ombre blonde haha!)

I guess luck is always with me though because a few weeks ago, a Salon Shop's owner left me a message and told me that they wanted to send me their Hair Color so I could try it out ----------------(hmmmm... I immediately smelled a DIY!) 
I was a bit hesitant at first since we are talking about my hair here. But then I told myself ~what the heck! No pain, no gain!
And then I realized that I could save thousands of pesos once I start to learn doing it by myself. :)

So here's what I got. They sent me not just the Hair Color alone. They gave me a complete set with color developer/oxidizing lotion and coloring materials. (weeeeeee! ang saya saya!)

You may find below steps that I used on how I did a DIY ombre hair:

1. Know the type of Ombre that you want.  (In my case, since I was given a Green hair color, I am doing a GREEN ombre. There are a lot of color options that you can do actually. I already had a red, pink and blonde. There's also blue, purple yellow etc. 
My recent ombre was a colored portion towards the end while some ladies preferred to color their hair almost all over. This time, I wanted it colored until the middle. 
2. Find a nice hair dye. 
3. Set Everything. Have a check list of the things you need. 
         - Hair dye
         - Color Developer (12% or 9 %)
         - Bleaching Material (very important to achieve the right shade that you want, otherwise, you)
                                                 won't achieve maximum results)
        - Brush applicator
        - Mixing bowl
        - Latex Gloves
        - Hair Blower (optional)
        - Comb
4. You need to have your hair washed-out first.  First step I did in the process was I mixed the bleaching powder and the oxidizing lotion. Then I started applying the mixed materials to bleach the natural color of my hair. Let it stay for 20 minutes or until you see your hair turning copper or gold tone (note: do the bleach only up to the part which you would want to apply the hair dye ~ Remember that this is the most important step in doing an ombre hair so as to achieve maximum color results. Once done, I rinsed it off, applied shampoo then dry it out.

5. Dying Process. Mix the hair dye and the color developer. Once finished, I applied it to my washed-out hair and left it for 30 minutes (or until you see your hair turning into your desired color). In my case, I waited it to turn into green. Once done, I rinsed it off and applied shampoo. I Rinsed it off again then applied conditioner, dry it out and prayed to God that I didn't do anything that I would regret in the next days of my life. hehe!
Left photo: Color developer topped with the Green hair dye. | Right Photo:  Materials when mixed.

On a serious note, after drying it out and styling it, I was happy on its outcome!  
Just a simple reminder in attempting to do a DIY ombre: One must really be careful so as to avoid fuc%king up and looking like a total shi%t!  Fortunately, I got a thumbs up from the husband! And my kikay daughter was dying with jealousy~ haha! She said, she wanted to have the same hair as mine. :)

So to sum it up, my operation DIY green ombre was a great success!

Below is a photo of my before and after :) What do you guys think?

Hair Color | Lucky Princess
Hair | Diy'd by me :)
Heart Sunnies | Georginasasha
Tattoo Choker | Pink Outside The Box

Special thanks to the hubz for the photo.
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