Thursday, October 30, 2014

Style | Bad Habits

How have you been doin' lately? Hope you are all good and feeling great. I am not feeling as great at the time while I am writing this post. My joints are sore.... 
Gosh, I have been feeling all sorts of pain like this recently and it starts to worry me already. I guess that's the problem when you start to age. You suddenly feel tired then feel all those aches and pains. Life sucks huh! But this is life....
I must confess I do not practice a healthy lifestyle. I eat everything - as in every single thing that you could think oozing with cholesterol and calories. I don't take vitamins and supplements. I don't sleep early. I don't exercise. So I guess those bad habits that I did in the past are slowly taking over my body. (Diba nga ang sabi ng mga matatanda, lahat yan may singil. I guess all of what our grandma's had to say before are all true!)
These pains that I currently feel makes it a total wake up call to me. It's already telling me that I should totally change my lifestyle. 

Please don't be like me okay... Take care and love your body all the time :)

Moving over... 

For this post I am featuring another casual - street wear outfit. 
I love how the sheer floral top from VANITYCHICK SHOP just flow loose on my body. The moment I saw this top, I already know that it would perfectly match the high-waisted jeans from THE SWEET CLOTH
While some prefer to wear their high- waisted jeans with cropped fitted tops, I on the other hand did the opposite. I purposely styled it this way so that my hips won't draw so much attention -(big hips problems ya' know!)   I don't know, it must be out of shyness because up to now I still have this tendency in hiding my hips instead of flaunting it.  I know I should not be hiding it because to others they consider having big hips as a plus asset. But who knows! Maybe in the coming months you would already see me pairing up this high-waisted jeans to tight fitting tops because I am going to start changing my lifestyle today before its too late. 

I'm already excited seeing myself eating healthy plates with a physically fit and toned body! Yiiiiiiiii! wish me luck :)

Hair Color | Lucky Princess
Sunnies | Estella Shimei
Necklace | iShoppers 
Floral Sheer Top | Vanitychick Shop
Bag | Longchamp Le Pliage Losange from Jaimie'sObsessions 
High waisted jeans | The Sweet Cloth

Special thanks to the hubz for the photos.
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