Saturday, October 18, 2014

STYLE| Beautiful Daze

It's been a number of days since my last post. You can call me a busy bee! ~ Catching up with friends, attending to our business while simultaneously fulfilling my mommy duties. 
Meetings here, presentations there, did some photo shoot for the blog and attended some events. 

I'm wearing a laid back outfit for today's post. I chose to wear this for a clients meeting. Wore a 3/4 top and paired it with a midi - mesh skirt with puppy prints to add a bit of playfulness.  The weather was great so I chose to wear the cute heart sunnies from Georgina Sasha and the gorgeous dainty bag from Ak Collections. I was wearing heels earlier on but since we did this photo shoot after the meeting, I was already able to change to a more comfortable one. :)

I'm still in a daze with my events for the past days but i'm slowly hibernating. Yes, I got a bit stressed out but I don't want to put inside my head that I'm stressed ~ (nakakapangit yan!) 
You know when I'm in a state like this one, I always set myself towards leaning over the positive side. Thank God for stress relievers! 

Back in the days when I was still working, I could always hear rants from my colleagues about how they already look because of stress. "Ang pangit ko na, wala na akong time for myself" - there are times when I blurted this to myself too! Yes, we all have bad days. Days when we don't feel like ourselves and don't feel beautiful - and that's  okay! But it will only just be okay as along as deep within us we know that we are all beautiful. We just have to know all about mind over matter. It would be always great to wake up each morning and say I am beautiful. Trust me, you'll have a positive outlook not just to yourself but to your life too.

Heart Sunnies | Georgina Sasha
Top | TopShop
Skirt |  ComFashionate
Mandals | Carvill 

Special thanks to the hubz for the photo.
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