Monday, May 20, 2024

Free Online Games You Can Play Anywhere, Anytime

As I write this blog, I am now here at a cafe I have just discovered~ waiting for my daughter, Tammy. There are several people from different genres — mostly students and some folks from corporate. Everyone is busy with either working on their laptops or cellphones. And as for me, I'm here working on writing a blog that I can share with you. 

We are so lucky we now have instant access to our favorite movies or games while we wait for someone or something! ... ahhh what a good way to wait, isn't it ~ thanks to the internet! 

I always say that waiting is my game every day so while waiting,  either I watch short movies or I play games. hah! :) So you see, this is my life, every afternoon— every - single - day. How about you? Do you love watching short movies or playing games while you wait too? 

Over the years, I have played several games online ranging from simple to complex ones. Actually, I discovered a website that offers a variety of entertaining and engaging online games and has been playing specific favorites since the end of March. What I love most is that it suits all ages. By playing these free games, even students can learn how to deal with money-related issues. Here are some of the games I've played which have become new favorites.

This is a clicker game with 3 different modes (Career, Time Trial, and Endless mode) where your goal is to arbitrage from changes in property prices where you buy low and sell high. 

Not all of the nitty-gritty of the real estate market is included in this game, such as interest-bearing loans, property cap rates, changes in credit conditions and larger economic cycles, supply and demand across industries, and so on. Most buildings generally appreciate in value on a pretty straight line when they initially appear, then cool down and slow down before declining in value. Buildings appear more quickly and can have many price cycles as the game progresses.

The entry and exit of a few big buildings should be closely managed as more expensive structures come up, as opposed to maintaining smaller, less expensive buildings that are difficult to track as your attention becomes divided.

I really love Real Estate Tycoon game! It is such a simple game ~ even kids would find it so easy to navigate and play.  To be honest, it's very addicting, haha!

The City Builder game is another favorite! 

It is a basic tower stacking game that needs precise drop timing.  To begin, select a building location on the map then start making the building. 

Time floor drops so each floor drops atop the prior floor. 

Earn more points for good timing and additional points for perfect timing on your floor drops. You lose if the building falls over. In case you fail, don't worry coz' you can replay the building again.

Continue doing what you are doing as you set the roof on each building & ensure your drops were timed enough to reach the building point total goal, then select another location on the map to stack the next tower.

Treze Coins
If you have kids, I highly recommend Treze Coins

There are different language options and you may select coin denominations. 

It is a super simple game for kids where you add together the coins to deposit into the gumball machine. 

Just keep on buying gumballs until you run out of money. Sooo fun!

Since online gaming is increasingly popular among individuals of all ages, one can learn about personal finance and money management while having fun by playing these games. I'm happy to note that these free online games can be helpful for both adults looking to improve their financial literacy and students learning about personal finance for the first time. Try it yourself~ there are many game categories and dozens of games available, surely there is something for everyone!

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