Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Exclusive steals up to 50% off as you Deal with that Ewwww with Carefree on Shopee

What are panty liners for? Does it play a major part in your day-to-day lives? 

Pantyliners are used by some people to protect their undies from vag discharge and to keep them feeling dry, fresh, and clean throughout the day. Whatever your reason is, for me, it really helps me feel confident in doing my day-to-day activities. I wear them all the days in between my period to keep that fresh panty feeling plus it keeps my favorite panties free of sweat and light discharge. We shouldn’t let our experience of wetness and odor down there hassle us daily! The brand I use is CAREFREE liners, and I highly recommend it. 

On March 9, Shopee's Brand Spotlight will feature amazing deals such as new exclusive launches, up to 50% off, and deals as little as P21! CAREFREE is one of the brands in the spotlight offering amazing deals so grab it as the offer will only be a one-day exclusive.

Wear CAREFREE Breathable liners on all days between your period to maintain that fresh feel. These also protect your favorite panties from sweat and light discharge.

Wear Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners to keep you feeling fresh and dry from moderate discharge, spotting, or as a tampon backup.

Let us continue to inspire women to prioritize their feminine health by celebrating Women's Month with CAREFREE®! That’s why CAREFREE® is here to help you #DealWithThatEW (as in Everyday Wetness) and feel drier for longer!

Discover the latest products, exclusive bundle deals, and exciting discounts from your favorite brands at Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

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