Tuesday, October 12, 2021

GALINCO: Creating Delightful Memories for Filipino Families for 25 Years

Chips Delight originally appeared on store shelves in 1996. (GALINCO) Grand Alphatech International Corporation's exquisite chocolate chip cookies were freshly made and truly a melt-in-your-mouth! GALINCO was founded by visionary entrepreneur William Co Buchong with the goal of producing items that declare "Ang galing ng Pinoy!" Mr. Co Buchong believes in "exporting" world-class products manufactured in the Philippines rather than "exporting" Filipinos and isolating them from their loved ones.

Now, 25 years later, GALINCO continues to invent, develop, and distribute delectable delights to millions of families not only in the Philippines but throughout the world.

GALINCO has expanded its product line to include a variety of additional delicacies and chocolate treats since its initial Chips Delight chocolate chip cookies. "Humbled by the success of Chips Delight cookies, we made it our mission to consistently cater and come up with products that can be shared by Filipino families, wherever they may be," says GALINCO Chief Operating Officer Josephine Co-Salonga, who was trained in baking in the UK.

True enough, GALINCO’s irresistible confectionaries and snacks are now staples in every home!!! 

Chips Delight, those nostalgic cookies with choco bits—which now comes in other delectable flavors: Striped Chocolate, Striped Cappuccino, Triple Chocolate, Soft Brownie, Peanut & Caramel, and Coffee Caramel. Smileys, the cream-filled cookie that’s every kid’s go-to baon; Egg Bites, treats that are baked-to-perfection and made with real fresh eggs.

Sarap Pinoy features easy-to-prepare traditional Filipino snacks like puto, kutsinta, and champorado; Mr. Wow Gulaman, powder-based jelly desserts that are simple and quick to prepare; Cream Delight, hearty and delicious spreads.

And to give Filipino families even more variety, GALINCO now bakes fudgy and moist Chips Delight Brownies–which comes with chocolate, white chocolate, and cashew nuts. More delicious chocolate treats are on the way!

It's no surprise that GALINCO brilliantly nailed the panlasang Pinoy that makes the Filipino family bonding experience pleasant, producing joy and memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.

But GALINCO hasn't only made every Filipino family's bonding experience more enjoyable. It has also informed the community about its achievements. Education is at the heart of their business social responsibility because Josephine's mother was a teacher for 40 years. GALINCO has donated numerous school buildings in less privileged areas of rural Philippines, which also serve as disaster evacuation centers; it has given scholarships to deserving families; it has supported orphanages and abused children; it has provided community firefighting equipment and aided volunteers—all of which it will continue to do in the years ahead.

GALINCO's success, according to Co-Salonga, is due to the millions of customers who have selected their snacks throughout the years. “Our company would not be where it is had it not been for our loyal patrons, team members, and partners. They keep us inspired and motivated to continue bringing high-quality products and delicacies to Filipino homes, which we will continue to happily do. We remain true to our mission—to bring a delightful experience for everyone, every day.”

Check out GALINCO's official Shopee and Lazada pages to learn more about their goods and current promotions.

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