Wednesday, September 29, 2021

SASA goes up to 41% off on Shopee Beauty!

Fellow Shopeeholics, Shopee Beauty provides everything you need for cosmetics and skincare, from hair care to makeup so like me, I know that you enjoy tossing your choices to your carts too! 

I'm so giddy when I found out that SASA, my fave Personal Care store in Hong Kong is on Shopee! They have been in Shopee already for 16 months. 16Months already guys!!! I don't know why it never crossed my mind to search for them on the platform, huhu! But now I'm glad that I found them plus I know that I won't have any problems with the shipment of my orders because it is thru Shopee, soooo YAY!

So the first order of business, ofcourse~ anything that would make my skin glow! 

Check out Shiseido The Collagen Drink. This one is a nice product because it helps make the skin firm, healthy, and young looking! 

It is formulated with low molecular weight collagens that absorb quickly and other beauty components so the skin becomes firm, healthy, and youthful, revealing the beauty of youth! Shiseido Collagen Drink is enriched with CoQ10 and other superfruit-derived ingredients. It also helps boost metabolism and balance as it protects the skin against external stimuli. With its hyaluronic acid as one of its ingredients, it helps replenish moisture by improving the dryness of skin, leaving skin supple and soft.

While we aim to make our skin glow, we should also do whatever we can to protect them especially from the harmful rays of the sun. Try ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF50 PA

The new definition of sunscreen is ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen skincare milk because it does not only block ultraviolet light but also provides effective skincare power! Its signature "AQUA BOOSTER" technology has been upgraded to "AQUA BOOSTER EX" technology. It also incorporates 50% beauty ingredients, which immediately infuse the skin with moisture, repairs skin, and anti-aging plus points for its gentle and comfortable texture. It can strengthen the ultraviolet light barrier when the sunscreen touches sweat or water, thoroughly protects your skin!

As we protect our skin, much more of our health right? Highly recommend these pretty but functional medical masks which we can all use on our day-to-day activities:

Medeis ASTM Level 3 Disposable Medical Mask has the highest level of protection for this type of mask. These can be bought in 30pcs per pack. 
It has 3 layers of material and it fits well, you will like the earloop from this brand, it doesn't leave a mark. Available in 6 Different Colors Earloops. Its size is 17.5CM x 9.5CM

Another one from Medeis are these Medeis 3D Disposable Medical Masks that can be bought in 20pcs per pack. 

It has also 3 layers of material and these masks conform to the contour of the face~ no open gaps with its 6mm comfortable earloop. Its size is Size : 195mm x 130mm.

Aren't they pretty?! You get to wear Fashionable masks while you get well protected. :)

Only on Shopee Beauty will you find the most unique discounts up to 90% off, fresh releases, and exciting offers for every cosmetics and skincare haul.

For more amazing finds, you can visit  Sasa Official Store on Shopee. 

If you haven't yet, go download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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