Wednesday, September 15, 2021

First Ever IKEA Festival and Pop up Store in MOA Philippines

IKEA opened its doors recently with special activities in many stores and live streams. In a time when staying at home has never been more essential, IKEA opens the door to better living by hosting a festival including music artists, chefs, and designers both online and in many IKEA shops around the world. 

This is a new sort of festival that transforms living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and backyards into virtual stages for performances and experiences. It takes place in daily homes, studios, and neighborhoods all around the world. Overall, the IKEA Festival took place in over 100 houses in over 50 locations across the world, and it will be free and accessible to everyone.

The festival is inspired by the IKEA vision to create a better everyday life for many people. “This is a new kind of experience IKEA wants to offer, celebrating, connecting, and engaging around life at home. Home tours around the world will open doors to new experiences and new inspiration. We want to spark a conversation on the more sustainable and affordable life at the home of tomorrow. And just as with any festival, you can expect a few surprises,” says Erika Intiso, Managing Director of IKEA Marketing and Communication AB.

The festival takes place on and in IKEA stores in various room settings that reflect what people believe is most important to them in their homes today: being with family and friends, music, and food, all of which are represented in the events in these rooms. However, there are also areas for current subject debates and IKEA news to provide visitors with a diverse range of experiences.

Visitors witnessed musicians performing small concerts from their homes and studios and participated in DJ relays. Interior designers and current and past IKEA partners were invited inside the doors in nations all over the world to receive home renovation inspiration and learn how they produce their work in their own distinctive surroundings. Cook-offs, challenges, and house visits are also available, where visitors learned about nutritious, environmentally friendly, and zero-waste dishes. The key subjects of circularity, air, play, and places were discussed around the kitchen table. Gamers also had the opportunity to experience the new IKEA gaming collection.

And IKEA opened its doors with special events in various shops and live broadcasts that allowed visitors to see what is going on within the company right now, from the manufacturing floor in Zbszynek, Poland, to the prototype shop in lmhult, Sweden. IKEA enthusiasts also had the chance to visit the digital IKEA museum where they learned more about the company's rich history throughout the years.

“The home has never been more important than before. And with virtual connection now taking on a more prominent role in everyone’s life at home, we can open the door to many more lives around the world – exploring each other’s individuality and creativity at home,” says IKEA Pasay City store manager Georg Platzer. “We are excited to open the doors of IKEA Festival, our biggest global home tour yet, as we bring people together around life at home in a new way, online, from Sweden to the Philippines to the rest of the world.”

IKEA set up a billboard along EDSA showcasing over 1,000 Filipino families to kick off the worldwide celebration of life at home in the Philippines. It's a mosaic of Filipinos' everyday life tales that they shared with IKEA in June. The collage can be seen along EDSA Magallanes.

IKEA Philippines has launched a pop-up store in the SM Mall of Asia today, ahead of its much-anticipated first store opening in the country. Check out some of the photos below :) 

IKEA POP-UP is where you may get a closer look at their home furnishing options and discover more about their story. Can you guess where they will be popping up next?

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