Sunday, September 19, 2021

Safe, Secure Social Networking Advocacy App for Children Now Available in the Philippines

For both kids and adults, the internet is a fantastic source of knowledge, entertainment, and social networking. Even for adults, though, it is not a particularly secure environment due to the growth of bogus news, explicit content, and cyberbullying.

Children in low-income nations like the Philippines, where access to low-cost internet and mobile devices is common and parental control and adult supervision are inadequate owing to numerous socio-economic issues, the internet is an even more hazardous place for them.

In fact, it is one of the world's top hotspots for online child sexual exploitation among children aged 10 to 14.

This is the situation that prompted Terre de Hommes-Netherlands, an international non-governmental organization that advocates for and works to prevent child exploitation in 17 countries, including the Philippines, to create a revolutionary new digital app that is completely safe and secure for young users, including children.

The software, dubbed Voice for Change, was developed in collaboration with victims of child sexual exploitation and those at vulnerable of abuse, as well as children advocates. From March 2020 to June 2021, researchers and developers worked for a year to guarantee that the platform is genuinely responsive to children's needs for support and assistance, as well as to carry out campaigning against sexual exploitation.

Voice for Change has features that are similar to those in popular social networking apps. Users can post status updates, connect to other users and engage in discussions, and get access to online resources for information.

The main difference is in the app’s strict security and privacy provisions. Sign up requires approval by the Voice for Change administration and goes through a screening process.

Logging in requires a mobile number and a one-time password sent via SMS. To provide further protection, no personally identifiable information including photos is shared among users.

In VFC, users can find relevant and verified information about different issues relevant to children advocacies. They can also genuinely voice opinions and engage in healthy discussions without fear of toxic perspectives and language.

It is a truly safe space that comes with a directory of organizations and agencies that users can contact to report concerns and even actual cases of child exploitation and abuse.

Here’s a closer look at the Voice for Change features.

Share your thoughts

Got a high grade in school or achieved a personal goal? Freely share your thoughts in a private and secure way.

Engage in discussions

Start a conversation with like-minded people about concerns relevant to protection of children and similar issues. Or chime in on other topics that interest you.

Get Help

Feeling down, need guidance or just want to talk to someone? Reach out to individuals and organizations that can offer professional help.

Verified information

No one wants to read or share fake news. Get only verified information on relevant topics.

Report an Incident

Have you or someone you know experienced child abuse and similar issues? Report the incident safely.

Secure and Private

Sign-up requests go through a screening process. Log in with a mobile number and a one-time password will be sent to you by SMS. No personally identifiable information is shared

The Voice for Change app may be downloaded in the Google Play store.

iPhone and Google Chrome users can use the web-based app instead:

More information about Voice for Change can be viewed at

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