Sunday, October 25, 2020

Triple Digit Income From a Hustle Made Me Resign My 9 to 5 Day Job


Spot me on the photo! This was year 2012, the peak of my DIY turned business that made me resign my 9-5 corporate day job.

How did everything started? It started as a passion. I'm really fond of anything accessories and hair ornaments. I'm super addict browsing in pinterest but get too tired of hunting its availability here locally kaya I ended up making one for myself (this was in year 2008-2009). I was a Sales Manager back then. Then friends and officemates notices my accessories — to cut the story short the requested for their own and I got orders. From one person that believed in my craft which became 5 which became 50 and before I know it already rented a small table space in a weekend market to showcase my DIY products. 

Orders where then coming from left to right to the point where my one day income from orders became triple of my one month salary. Did I resign immediately? I did not? Because I know for a fact that I am not stable yet that year. Yes, My husband and I may already be living comfortably enough but I told myself it isn't time yet because I still haven't bought my dream luxury bag just yet. You might ask, if we were already living comfortably already, bakit hindi pa din ako makabili ng bag na gusto ko? Because I've set a rule that I will only buy that dream bag if our we have an income that is 10x the amount of my dream bag. :)

You see, you might be at the stage in yourlife right now where you are still building your dreams. Stay there~ do not rush, take those baby steps and trust me you'll eventually succeed. Dahan -dahan lang. Success isn't a race. Be passionate and madiskarte enough, work hard for to reach for your goals. Sabi nga walang shortcut sa pagyaman. Lahat pinaghihirapan! 

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