Friday, October 09, 2020

SAVE THE DATE: TikTok to celebrate its growing community with a virtual party on October 18

TikTok Philippines will hold its biggest virtual event for 2020 titled #GenTikTokPH on October 18, 5PM LIVE on TikTok Philippines. The event is a celebration of Generation TikTok - the ever-growing and  constantly-diversifying community that makes the platform a place of positivity and joy.“We built TikTok to inspire and enrich people’s lives as a home for creative expression. We’ve created experiences that are genuine, joyful, and positive. But we’ve become more than just a content platform. Every click of the record button starts canvas for human creativity and every phone screen becomes a window to our wonderful world. Whether one’s making, remaking, reacting, or simply watching, we’re changing the world one TikTok video at a time. We’re happy and grateful to share this milestone to our community,” said John Castro, TikTok Philippines User and Content Operations Manager.

The 2-hour online LIVE show will feature various performances from Philippines’ top local artists, dancers, and content creators. There will also be pocket content showcases for entertainment, education, and top trends!

With its growing community of creators and users in the Philippines, TikTok is now ready to take the platform on a whole new level with a big announcement! After the event, TikTok will no longer be the same as they’ll take further all the creative possibilities.

Join the #GenTikTokPH hashtag challenge in-app and share why you're officially part of Generation TikTok! You can get a chance to win TikTok-branded goodies! Invite your friends, stay safe and healthy at home. Download the TikTok app via iOS or Google Play.

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