Saturday, February 08, 2020

Living At Lake Keowee - What Makes It Great

Lake Keowee, a man-made reservoir derives its name from the then river Keowee. It offers a beautiful backdrop with stunning views of pristine waters coupled with a Blue Ridge Mountain scenery. The magnificent and lush forests explode with colors during the fall. Lake Keowee is becoming the most desired area to purchase and build residential communities. If you are planning to own a house or planning a vacation at Lake Keowee, here’s an insight into the gorgeous area and activities on offer.  

Serene Locality Bestowed with Proximity
Living by a lake means excitement as well as relaxation. A 45 minutes’ drive from Greenville and 15 minutes from Clemson University makes Lake Keowee an ideal setting for a convenient life. It features all the city amenities like dining, entertainment, and shopping without having to drive too far. The influx of new residents and visitors has been tremendously high owing to the scenic beauty and attainable life at Lake Keowee. Buying land at Lake Keowee and building your dream home or finding a beautiful residence can transform your life and add to the everyday joy and tranquility.

An Array of Shopping Opportunities
With nearby cities and towns around Lake Keowee, everyday shopping needs can be met easily. There is a bounty of eclectic shops that can cater to your specific requirements. Green Springs offer an assortment of natural products and Downtown Seneca features home accessories, gifts, furniture and more. The Red Door is an ideal place for your home décor needs that offers both antique and contemporary items. There are several nearby retailers who sell spices, jewelry, formal wears and much more. One can find enough shopping opportunities at Haywood Mall, Greenville city, Magnolia Park and around Greenridge. 

A wide variety of Delectable Food
Lake Keowee offers a broad range of dining experiences to satisfy your taste buds. The best part about living around Lake Keowee is that you can take a boat to reach your favorite restaurant and enjoy a scrumptious meal. The houses on Lake Keowee are proximate to several eateries and landscapes. The tropical theme of the Tiki Hut restaurant makes it more popular among the visitors. The Lighthouse Restaurant offers both fine dining experience as well as panoramic views of the mountains and lakes. Beyond that, Bull Eatery is known for its fresh and preservative-free cuisine. 

A Galore of Recreational Activities
Recreation at Lake Keowee offers something to everyone who visits. Swimming, fishing, paddling, kayaking, biking, jet skiing, boating, and hiking are some of the exciting activities that are offered. There are plenty of boat services and other watercraft rentals to enjoy on an hourly or daily basis. The walking paths and trails through the woods and around the lake offer great opportunities for hiking or strolling. The golf courses are an add-on as well. 

There are several exciting and great places around Lake Keowee to eat, play, and shop. Homes on the beautiful shores with the views of the Lake Keowee waters means more than just an ordinary living space. It is a way of life by itself. Enjoy the new lifestyle around the gorgeous lake!!

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