Wednesday, February 05, 2020

So Nice To See Food Panda Riders Extend Help

How are you doing since the Taal Volcano erupted with ashes covering most of the Southern area which stretches further to Metro Manila? I hope you are all doing okay and in good health kasi talaga naman when a calamity strikes, it interrupts plans - dinner plans, travel plans, career plans, marriage plans, family plans, 5 to 10-year plans, and life plans.
But despite what happened, nangibabaw pa din ang Bayanihan amongst the Filipinos. For a few hours in Tagaytay and Tacloban, foodpanda riders interrupted their schedule to bring affected families, from the recent typhoon and volcanic eruption, companionship, and good food to everyone in the area and created a Global Soup Kitchen.

Global Soup Kitchen aims to help families and children by bringing smiles to these affected people through the warmth of food. Over the last two years, foodpanda partnered with different orphanages and communities in Manila, Cavite, and Cebu to bring warm meals to more than 1,000 special children. Given the recent calamities, foodpanda riders continue to extend its reach to more people in Tagaytay and Tacloban.

The foodpanda heroes known as the riders were able to deliver love and food to a total of 300 families and 1,200 evacuees in Tacloban and Tagaytay.

Thank you foodpanda for making food more accessible, especially to the less fortunate and victims of calamity through the Global Soup Kitchen. I know that with each success it has, the company will continue to give back, and bring its mission of giving good food to everyone as plans are still waiting to happen for these people.

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