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K beauty products have recently become a huge market in the Philippines and if there’s one thing that Filipinos admire most about Koreans, it would definitely be their clear, radiant, and seemingly transparent skin. Raise your hands if you're an avid k-beauty product user too!

A number of Filipinas have infused Korean skincare products into their personal skincare and beauty regimen over the last few years. We all know because for a fact that they are better in some or in many ways, particularly for Asian skin. But the thing is products made in Korea are typically made for skin tones that are whiter or lighter than the skin of most Filipinos. 

So Last year, the MLM pioneer and leader Amway who has always been open to exploring and developing products from other countries, launched Miyu, a line of premium Korean Skincare products.

A year later, the product line has proven extremely popular among young Filipinos who appreciate Miyu’s distinct benefits. MIYU has proven so successful, which is why Amway chose to mark MIYU’s first anniversary in style, with a party for young Amway Business Owners who have fallen in love with the brand which I was able to attend. 

MIYU ambassador Krestle Deomampo graced
the occasion 

There are a lot of activities such as featured a foam up challenge, and even a bit of cosplay with authentic Hanbok costumes, and a photo wall of the Cherry Blossoms of Nami Island a backdrop. 

There was also a face yoga challenge which we bagged as the winner together with my partner, Dianne :)

MIYU means “beauty within you”, the brand offers an uncomplicated skincare routine compared to the famous 5-8 steps of most Korean skincare regimens. With their 3-in-1 whitening cleanser, MIYU 3in1 Whitening Toner and the MIYU Whitening Moisturizer with SPF 30, MIYU delivers results that are comparable or even superior to other more complicated to apply Korean product lines.

Known globally as one of the leaders in botanical research, Amway has applied its unparalleled knowledge of plant extracts, and their specific benefits, to truly set MIYU apart, even among already famously good Korean skin care products. 

An active ingredient of MIYU is buckwheat extract which is proven to provide protection against the harmful rays of the sun, prevent premature skin ageing, and make skin look fairer while nourishing it to its deepest layer. It is also is known to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that revitalizes and brightens skin The second product in MIYU’s 3 step process, the Pore me down toner, contains Chaga Mushrooms that helps decrease excessive sebum production and tighten pores. 

With the meticulous product development that Amway has become famous for, no wonder, this skincare line’s 1st year anniversary was one worth celebrating, especially for Filipinos who achieved their #skingoals with MIYU. 

If you haven’t tried the products, or even heard about Miyu, this is your chance to get to know and to try too. Do visit www.amway.com.ph for more information of the product or like and follow them on  | Facebook@OfficialAmwayPH ~for instant updates.


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