Thursday, March 08, 2018


The last Saturday of our February (February 24) turned extra special as Crispy Fry®, the country’s number one breading mix brand, hosted the #CrispyFryPlayDay at the Trampoline Park. Our usual weekend bonding got leveled up with trampolines, lots of fried chicken, and the new Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake!® to the mix.

#CrispyFryPlayDay is an exciting alternative to the usual sit-down press gathering since they made us bring our family members to make it more an involved family affair. 

I brought my daughter — Tammy with me where we jumped and played our hearts out.

We gamely jumped into the giant foam pit, played trampoline-style basketball, and learned free jump techniques. We totally had a blast at the Trampoline Park!

Crispy Fry® endorsers Ms. Donna Cruz-Larrazabal and her sons Cian and Gio were also introduced who added more excitement to the day.

Tammy with the gorgeous Donna Cruz - Larrazabal
The Ajinomoto Team gave Donna a wonderful birthday surprise!

We were also introduced to Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake!® which puts an exciting twist to the family’s favorite Crispy Fry® fried chicken with the addition of three new flavor mixes: Parmesan Cheese, Smokey Barbecue, and Savory Seaweed.

Each pack of Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake! contains:
1) breading mix packet
2) flavor mix packet and
3) shaker bag.

 Chef Jeffrey Chang and Sofia Conejos
Ajinomoto’s resident chef, Jeffrey Chang gave us a cooking demonstration using  the signature Crispy Fry® fried chicken wings in Parmesan Cheese when our jump time was over.

The Culinary Networking and Communication Manager of Ajinomoto— Sofia Conejos, also gave informative tips on how to deal with kids who are picky eaters. Being a licensed nutritionist-dietitian, she advised that nutritious food is really a must in our kids’ diet. And yes, she really emphasized that we need to do it in any way we can. She suggested that we can involve our kids while we cook their food in such a way that the cooking process can already be a mother-child bonding activity. Plus she also mentioned that we could also serve our little ones small amounts of vegetables alongside their favorite fried dishes.

We went home with our smiling tummies and happy hearts. #CrispyFryPlayDay really put a fun twist on our family bonding that day! Shout out to Ajinomoto Team for always inviting us! Love, love, love! 💗

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