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How do you guys deal when you are stressed? I have met a wonderful girl online — her name is Anita Chitnis of She's the creator behind the amazing blog that can give one that extra push and confidence to live the life you want! Because of her, I am starting a guest series in this blog to create awareness on how to cope with anxiety, self love, confidence building and how one can change his or her mindset.

She shared a lot of things like how she gets easily overwhelmed and how she have dealt with stress overtime. She shared her wonderful insights which I'd like to share with you. 

Here's how she started her guest blog entry: 
"We have our friends, our family, our pets, our careers, our daily routines, our everything. I don’t know about you but I get easily overwhelmed. I have a horrible habit of just acting like nothing needs to be done and spend the day in bed watching friends on netflix while eating a jar of nutella with a spoon.
I set impossibly high standards for myself, come up with a ridiculous schedule to follow for the week, fail by 10 am on Monday morning and spend the rest of the week hating myself only to do it again the next week. "
Keep on reading, for sure you'll be inspired as much as I did....

Stop the madness!

I used to do this all the time and it got to the point that I would ignore actual responsibilities and hopes and dreams all the same. I just wouldn’t get anything done and come to regret all the bad life choices I had made, including the jar of Nutella I had finished with a spoon. There were a few times I was in my bed under the covers and had the thought, “I just want to go home”. I was so miserable by this life I had created for myself, I felt trapped. I had to get out of it!

I also happened to be the kind of person who had tried yo yo diets of every kind, tried every fad, purchased every quick fix to lose 10 pounds fast and had always gained back more than I lost. I was a mess and one day the doctor scared me. I had to get my health in check if I wanted to see 30 without tons of medications. I started to implement small changes in my life instead of jumping in the deep end. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes jumping in the deep end works but for me personally I had always failed through this method because I lacked the kind of accountability it required from my side. 

Once I started to see results in my weight loss journey I started to realize that like many other women who lack accountability but desire to make changes in every aspect of their life, I needed to start off small. We are led to believe that we can jump in the deep end and be this ultra hyper person who is ready to push themselves at all times of the day and anything less is unacceptable. Isn’t that why you failed your new years resolution by the 7th of January?

Take away the stress that you put yourself under and start off slow. You cannot do 10 pull ups now however, you can train yourself into a person who can over time. Similarly, you unfortunately are not someone who can handle a promotion at work, take care of your responsibilities, keep up with the Kardashians, get your exercise in, get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and avoid caffeine gracefully. Although anyone who avoids caffeine completely must be superhuman let’s be real.

I made a schedule for myself, broke things down into small chunks and was super forgiving on the days I messed up. PENCIL IN DAYS TO BE PURPOSEFULLY UNPRODUCTIVE aka yes you need to eat a jar of peanut butter and cry at greys anatomy, believe me. If you know Tuesday is going to busy don’t tell yourself you will work double the amount on Monday and make up for it. Prioritize what is important from Monday’s work and what is actually important from Tuesday and only do those things. Figure out what can be avoided, pushed back until later or changed to fit your schedule. Stop telling yourself to be in maximum overdrive mode all the time because when you fail you will not be encouraged to try again. 

Most importantly, don’t take every little thing so seriously, learn to relax. Listen, I hate when people tell me to relax too but really just calm down. Make a list and order things based on priorities. Make sure you get the first few done every day and the rest can be flexible. Here is an example of mine:

Things to get done:
-Workout (aka I want a nice booty and I get a lot of energy) number 1 priority
-Eat well in the morning (aka I am cranky by 10 am if I don’t)
-Call mom - I miss her and I need to gossip - definitely necessary 
-Research new things/make contacts for work - need because I need more exposure
-Read my new book and take notes - very important for work
-Put on makeup so I don’t look scary? - can be avoided, plus I don’t care if I scare people
-Find out what happens in next episode of Grey’s Anatomy - hopefully I can finish but if I fall asleep no big deal

In all fairness some of those were jokes but still you have to make sure you prioritize so you are not stressed all the time. 

Stress kills and even though diabetes can kill you (nutella) stress doesn’t taste good. Break the cycle that throws you in a bad mood, prioritize so you can be successful and live a better quality life. Ease into things because consistency is what really gets you results. Don’t throw yourself into the deep end unless you have a method for accountability that will be needed. And of course, be forgiving of yourself when you mess up because you have to live with yourself the longest and deserve a lot of love. 


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